"Fire making" for reading
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Walking through Vietnam to survey people's reading needs; selling fruitto donate bookcases; every morning, spending 15 minutes to read books forchildren and their classmates to establish a habit of reading… are the jobwhich Mr. Nguyen Quang Thach, Ms. Vu Thi Thu Ha and her colleagues have done tohelp bring thousands of bookcases in the Vietnam Rural Bookshelf program toclasses, and popularize a meaningful message about shared responsibility withthe community.

PPC Chairman, Mr. Pham Dai Duong and delegates and students of Song Hinh Ethnic
Minority Boarding School
next to a bookcase awarded by the Vietnam Rural Bookshelf

Starting with just a bookcase in2007, so far, the Vietnam Rural Bookshelf program has had nearly 21,000bookcases across the country. Particularly in Phu Yen province, in 2018, forthe first time in this land, the program brought more than 250 classroombookcases with more than 13,000 books. People who are attached to "RuralBooks" hope to ignite the fire, contributing to changing society'sperception of reading.


With the desire to "turnon" the reading movement in schools, Mr. Pham Dai Duong, Deputy Secretaryof the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People'sCommittee facilitated and accompanied the members of the Vetnam Rural Bookshelfprogram bringing a gift of 40 bookcases to students in the mountainous districtof Song Hinh.

Talking to students at theschools, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Pham Dai Duongshared: “Offering books is to give knowledge. Moreover, the gift was made bythe kindness of the heart, which is more meaningful. The active members of theVietnam Rural Bookshelf program, with their beautiful hearts and actions, havebrought tens of thousands of books to students, spreading reading culture inthe community”.

Following the words of theChairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Quang Thach, thefounder of the Vietnam Rural Bookshelf program, told about the book "TheThief of Books" by Markus Zusak. Beginning to reflect on the "readingrights" of rural children since he was 20 years old, Mr. Thach developed a"Rural Bookshelf" plan, but many times he was skeptical, mocked; andthe "Rural Bookshelf" program was by the edge of “breaking in themiddle of the road.”

However, with his heart and areasonable communication strategy, Mr. Thach has "pulled" many of hiscompanions. After 11 years, the "Rural Bookshelf" program has built amember community of 100,000 people throughout the country.

Among them, the most positive oneis Ms. Vu Thi Thu Ha. Not only calling for direct support, Ms. Ha also devotedher efforts to selling organic fruits to raise funds to build bookcases forrural children. With this work, over the past 3 years, Ms. Ha has awarded morethan 1,000 bookcases to schools across the country, including Phu Yen province.


On the occasion of following Mr.Thach's footsteps, Ms. Ha’s and the members of the "Rural Bookshelf"program with donating bookcases to schools in Phu Yen province, we partly felttheir enthusiasm. With a systematic way of working, connecting through theDepartment of Education and Training to bring books to schools, members of"Rural Books" always have exchanges and conversations with teachersand students. According to the month, quarter, Ms. Ha represented the program,returned to the schools to check the "fire spots" that they ignitedhas spread at any place so that they can timely "support" theclassrooms’ bookshelf growingly.

Ms. Ha confided: "We are onlythe ones who ignites the fire of reading books among students, keeping thatfire depends on the teachers. Hopefully the teachers are also aware of theimportance of books for children and spark that fire.”

Dr. Pham Van Cuong, Director ofPhu Yen Department of Education and Training, let known, “In 2018, supported bythe Vietnamese Rural Bookshelf program, we launched a strong movement ofreading in schools. Bookcases are located right in the classroom, books arebrought closer to students to facilitate their access. Schools developstrategies for developing a source of books, calling on social organizations,parents and former students to donate books; promote the sense ofresponsibility of students, teachers and communities in building and developingreading culture in schools”.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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