Effervescent with the program of constructing start-up ecology system
Updated : Sunday, February 10, 2019 7:40 AM (GMT+0700)

Togetherwith the activities of creative and renovative start-ups (CRSU) all over thenation, Phu Yen province is also effervescent with the programs of constructingthe foundation of start-ups ecology system with the locality’s particularfeatures and strengths.

Master Nguyen Dang Huynh, a teacher of Phu Yen vocational training college, successful
planting mushrooms dong trung ha thao-perfect beauty and health and high economic value

According to Mr. LyDinh Quan, director of Song Han center of start-up enterprise nurturing,currently, the mechanism, policies to support the start-up ecology from centralto local level have entered life, contributing to gradually forming the ecologysystem of CRSU all over the country in general and in Phu Yen in particular.However, to spread the spirit of start-ups, creating the lever to develop theCRSU movement, besides linking the forces, it is necessary to establish thestart-up ecology system compatible with the locality’s particular features andstrengths.

To realize the targetof promoting the activities of CRSU, Phu Yen has been connecting with thesources from in and outside the province to nurture and develop CRSU. Inconcrete, the center of applying and transferring technology, Song Han centerof nurturing enterprises start ups, the provincial enterprise association, MienTrung college of industry and trade have signed agreements on cooperating todevelop the activities of supporting, nurturing the enterprises’ start-ups;educating for start-ups, training human resources for serving the activities ofCRSU; nurturing and developing the science-technology enterprises…so as toefficiently exploit the human resources of all parties for supporting theactivities of start-ups and contributing to constructing the ecology system ofstart-ups in the province.

Mr. Tran Ba Hau, Vice directorof center of general services, Hoa Lac high technology zone’s management board,acknowledged the efforts of the localities in creating CRSU in the past time.However, for the startup ecology system to develop in a strong and sustainablemanner, in the coming time, Phu Yen should attach priorities to nurturing theprovince’s strengths like: tourism, planting and breeding, catching seafood;planting pharmaceutical trees. Nurturing the enterprises in this sector willcreate the differences, increasing the strength in the market as well as creatingthe motivation for the enterprises’ development.

Highly appreciating thenew entrepreneurs’ contributions, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan, chairman of the boardof directors of CiT EDU high quality human resource development JSC, an expertin training thoughts at top level in Vietnam, thinks: entrepreneurs of CRSU arethose who dare to get involved and consistent with the battle of creating thenew values, they always place the community’s benefits on top of theirs; theyare aware of devoting before gaining the feats. Lots of people are willing tosell houses to invest, pay the salaries to their laborers once the enterpriseshave not gained profits. In exchange, once the owner is successful, lots ofemployment opportunities, learning opportunities are  created, other individuals have chances todevelop.

The center of applying and transferring technology signing with the provincial enterprise
association to implement the activities of helping CRSU to develop in Phu Yen

Acknowledging thecontributions of the enterprise community in general and the CRSU enterprisesin particular, comrade Phan Dinh Phung, PPC Vice chairman, shares, “in thecoming time, Phu Yen needs to strongly link with the sources and forces from inand outside the province to nurture and developthe start-up enterprises; supporting the provincial organizations andindividuals in the sector of science and technology, contributing to formingand developing the CRSU at the locality. During the development journey, thoseparticipants need to be brave, consistent, get involved for the CRSU to spreadinto life and create the practical values”.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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