Joy of having clean water in the village
Updated : Friday, September 28, 2018 3:15 PM (GMT+0700)

Overthe past few days, people in Tan Lap village (An My commune, Tuy An district)no longer live in the lack of water as before. The project "Clean waterfor the drought area" by the Provincial Youth Union in cooperation withthe Honest Corporation (Ho Chi Minh City) and Phu Yen Young EntrepreneursAssociation has brought the water to each household, meeting the needs of cleanwater for the residents’ living.

Leaders of the PPC, the Provincial Youth Union, Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs' Association
and Honest Partner Corporation using water from the reservoir of the project "clean
water for drought area" in Tan Lap village, An My commune

Tan Lap village Party’sSecretary, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung let known: Tan Lap village has had 117households with 337 people. Their houses are built on hills of 300m above sealevel, so digging wells for water is impossible for families in this poor village.In order to have access to water, the people in the village have to go morethan 1km to the Mieu Ba stream for water.

In the dry season, thestream runs dry and the local people have to go to neighboring villages in thecommune to carry water, which is very hard work. In April 2017, a charityorganization in Canada helped Tan Lap village to drill a 120-meter deep welland a 10m3 reservoir at the Village Cultural House so that the villagers cantake water easier. However, this well is only enough to provide drinking waterto 50% of households in the village.

In order to provide enoughwater for the people to use, in early May 2018, the Provincial Youth Unionworked as the bridge and in cooperation with the Honest Partners corporationand Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Association to invest in drilling a well with adepth of 100m in Dat Cay quarter (Tan Lap village), then using a pump from adepth of 95m to bring water to the 6m3 reservoir of about  100m away from the well .

From here, water is takendirectly to each house by plastic pipes of 63-25mm diameter (depending on thedistance). The total value of the project is over VND 275 million. Of which, theHonest Partner Corporation and Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Associationsupported VND 185 million; people contributed more than VND 90 million toinstall water pipes. "To calculate the electricity for pumping into thelake daily for the water, every household has a water meter installed, everymonth we rely on that to charge electricity proportionally," said Mr. NguyenVan Hung.

On the day clean waterpipeline to the home without getting away for water as before, Mr. Nguyen VanLong in Dat Cay quarter exclaimed: "Having clean water to use today, mywhole family are very happy. From the day of drillingwell, building thisreservoir, my family as well as the people here all contributed to excavating,installing pipelines from wells to reservoirs and led to each household. Thanksto that, the project was completed soon and the people have water to use."

Human Resource Director of HonestPartnrt Corporation, Ms. Le Thi Van Anh let known: "The Clean water workfor the drought area was built from the Voluntary Fund of the corporation contirbutedby 1,000 employees and supported partially by Phu Yen Young EntrepreneurAssociation. The project has helped nearly 120 households in Tan Lap villagehave access to clean water, improving their quality of life."

According to the DeputySecretary of the Provincial Youth Union, Chairman of the Phu Yen Youth Association,Mr. Luong Minh Tung, this is a very meaningful work for the people of Tan Lapvillage, because it meets their needs and wishes, contributing to improve, enhancethe quality of both material and spiritual life.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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