Hydropower plants actively responding to disasters
Updated : Tuesday, September 18, 2018 4:53 PM (GMT+0700)

Asthe floody season 2018 is  hydropowerplants have actively inspected reservoirs, factories and equipment to be readyfor natural disasters and floods. Localities affected by floods fromhydroelectric dams need to strengthen the propaganda so that people canactively respond to ensure safety for people and property when naturaldisasters happen.

Workers of Ba Ha River Hydropower Joint Stock Company checking the machine prior
to the rainy season

According to the Departmentof Industry and Trade, up to now, hydropower plants in the area have completedthe dam safety inspection; the plan of flood and storm prevention and control, toensure dam safety, dam protection, downstream flood prevention due to flooddischarge, etc. Preparing reservoir operation has also been completed. Thisyear, hydropower plants have completed installing and maintaining the waterlevel monitoring cameras at upstream of the spillway and discharge at the waterdownstream of the spillway.

In order to enhance theeffectiveness of propagating and warning people downstream, hydropower plantshave also installed flood warning stations at the spillway, the plant and onthe flood discharge corridor downstream to keep up it inform the people toproactively prevent from damage as the plant’s carrying out flood discharge.Specifically, Ba Ha River Hydropower Plant installed 10 warning stations, SongHinh Hydropower Plant with 5 stations, Krong H'Nang Hydropower Plant with 5stations and La Hieng Hydropower Plant 2 with 2 stations.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Phu, DeputyGeneral Director of Ba Ha River Hydropower JSC, lets known: Right from thebeginning of 2018, the unit has checked, reviewed, maintained and repairedequipment system, work items of Ba Ha River Hydropower Plant. In particular,the unit has made the drainage system cleared, dredged, grass, trees on bothsides of the road cleared to ensure smooth operation in the rainy season.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan,Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Trade, said: In mid-August, 2018,the Department of Industry and Trade has coordinated with departments anddistricts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh, Dong Xuan to check the preparation work forreservoir and dam, reservoir safety management for the hydropower plants of BaHa River, Song Hinh, Krong - H'Nang, La Hieng 2 before the rainy season 2018.The mission has checked the public work of the hydropower plants such as maindam, auxiliary dam, flood spillway, water intake...; we can see that theconstruction items are operating in a stable and safe way. Preparations torespond before the rainy season are also very interested.

Apart from the role ofhydropower plants, local authorities in the downstream areas of the hydropowerplants also intensified propaganda and awareness raising to actively preventfloods. Mr. Nong Van Trinh, Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Duc BinhDong commune, Song Hinh district, let known: Duc Binh Dong commune has had about1,000 people in Chi Chan village located in the risk of being affected whenhydropower plants discharge floods; in particular, about 30 households in Ngoaiquarter often had to relocate when happening high water. At present, the local hasbeen constantly propagating people to raise awareness of coping with naturaldisasters and floods. In the rainy season of 2018, the local authority willalso be ready to provide boats and life-saving equipment to help people move,protect people and property when necessary.

Not only the localgovernments, but also the people living downstream of hydropower plants arealways alert to floods. Mr. Truong Van Kình in Duc Binh Dong commune said, “Wego to work all day so rarely know the message of flood discharge of thehydroelectric plant. Since the plants installed the flood warning system, Ifeel more secure.”

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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