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Updated : Tuesday, September 18, 2018 10:55 AM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past time, the IT application in the state administrative offices in theprovince has contributed to the construction of the province’s administrativesector in the directions of electronizing, reducing time, cost of theorganizations, individuals and enhancing the transparency.

Applying IT to deal with administrative procedures in Tay Hoa district

According to Mr. Nguyen ChiHien, Standing PPC Vice chairman, with the drastic directions of the PPC andthe coordination among the departments, sectors and localities, in general, thefirst steps in IT application have met a section of assigned targets. 

It is noteworthy that theprovince  has coordinated with VNPT Phu Yen, Viettel Phu Yen to stably implementthe inter-minute axis  (https://phuyen.vnptioffice.vn/),the provincial public service portal (http://congdichvucong.phuyen.gov.vn/) andhas connected in a stable manner with the government. Simultaneously investingin upgrading the provincial data center, ensuring the essential standards to meetthe demands during the process of developing e-government at the locality.

Mr. Tran Nhat Quynh in SonGiang commune, Song Hinh district, let known, “currently, the tasks ofpreparing and dealing with administrative procedures (AP) are reallyconvenient. It takes only a few steps for registering household businesscertificate, using the computer, I refer to the province’s online publicservice and all necessary information is available”.

According to the Department ofPlanning-Investment, currently, the department has finished updating the APsunder the rights for dealing to the provincial portal for public services,informing the time for commencement, operation to the offices, organizations,enterprises. 

As for the correspondencetasks, the system of managing correspondence and monitoring jobs to receive andsend via the provincial inter-axis will continue to be applied and investmentinto Phu Yen province when it comes to administrative reforms of theGovernment, ministries, sectors and province. Through this, the transparency ofdealing with Aps for organizations and individuals will be enhanced.

The very first steps havebee achieved related to constructing the provincial administrative sector inthe direction of  being synchronous,modern from the provincial level to foundation, gradually completing theinformation system, data foundations which are commonly used for the province,creating the comprehensive, stable electronic working environment, stable andsafe information system to contribute to enhancing the working productivity,efficiency, reducing time and expenses as well as increasing the transparencyduring the operating process of the province’s state offices.

Mr. Vo Duc Tho, Director ofthe Department of Internal Affairs, let known: “Currently, 25 departments,boards and sectors, 9/9 districts, town and city and 100% of 112 communes,wards, town lets in the province have implemented the software of managingcorrespondence and monitoring. The connection among these software amongoffices, units and the administrative offices, units and among the communallevel have also been implemented. The PPC has constructed the provincialthorough axis of correspondence (from provincial to communal level) and fromthe provincial to district level.  

According to Mr. Nguyen ChiHien, in the coming time, the province continues to strictly manage the APstipulations; enhancing the simplicity, reduction on APs on all sectors;enhancing the public announcement of APs in the national database, theelectronic information pages and announcing at the headquarters of the officesand localities; pilot implementing the models of mobile dealing with APs insome sectors and suitable APs.

Simultaneously enhancing ITapplication in the operation of state offices, supplying public services and enhancingthe level of implementing tele-public services in dealing with AP to ensure theefficiency and transparency to increase the quality of dealing with AP as wellas supplying public services to the inhabitants, enterprises. Issuing theregulations of managing IT application in the operation of state offices in theprovince…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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