Touching dream houses
Updated : Tuesday, September 04, 2018 8:05 AM (GMT+0700)

Nearlyone year after the storm No.12 in 2017, 100 poor households, and poor women ...with heavily damaged houses in Phu Yen have got spacious ones. This joy comesfrom a humanitarian project named "Building 100 new houses with featuresof preventing storms and floods for people affected by the storm No. 12 in2017" developed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) throughPhu Yen Women's Union. This project helps poor people to touch their wish of livingin dream house.

Mrs. Dang Thi Hong Nga, Chairwoman of the provincial Women's Union and officials
of the UNDP program sharing joy with people in Tuy An district on day of opening
new houses

Nearly a year after thestorm No.12, we returned to visit Mrs. Tran Thi Luu and her children in PhongHau village (Hoa Hoi commune, Phu Hoa district). Instead of sadness, the youngmother has a bright smile: "My two children like the new house very muchand I'm too happy to sleep". Her husband died more than 5 years ago whenher young daughter was just 3 months old. The hard work in fields of rice andsugarcane and raising two children make her dream of a stable house become impossible."Thanks to support of the Party, the authorities, the United Nations, theWomen's Union as well as help of the family,we have a spacious house now," said Mrs.Luu.

100 households supported bythe project to build houses are all in extremely difficult circumstances. Mostof them are poor women who are pregnant, raising little children, single,disabled, unable to work... with collapsed or seriously damaged houses due tothe storm No.12 last year. 100 families are 100 miserable circumstances. Theyconstantly dream of a spacious and stable house in all life but life is so hardthat dream can not come true. The project "Rebuilding houses after thestorm for poor people" helped them to touch their dreams. Thereby, wecaught happy smiles, bursting joys and inexpressible emotions on their faceswhen talking about their houses.

In the beginning of April,in the groundbreaking ceremony to build 100 houses with features of preventingfloods and storms for people affected by the storm No. 12, PPC Vice ChairmanTran Huu The expressed deep gratitude to the UNDP for its support to poorpeople in Phu Yen and affirmed: "This is a deeply meaningful andhumanistic project, helping people in Phu Yen flood areas to stabilize theirlives soon; joining with local authorities to implement the social securityprogram”.

As the role of taking chargeof implementing the project, Mrs. Dang Thi Hong Nga, Chairwoman of theprovincial Women's Union, lets known: Unionsat all level have made great efforts in implementing the project, so thatpeople can have spacious and stable houses which meet requirements of sponsorsand the UNDP. When having problems in implementation, the Unionadvises the PPC to have direction timely. The project requires houses forpeople to be built in accordance with technical standards of safe houses toprevent storms and floods. The Union isactively supported by the Department of Construction in terms of technology.The Department appoints a professional staff to join the Union in trainingtechnical guidance for households, helping the Unionto ensure houses built in accordance with the design.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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