Enhancing contact and dialogues with the inhabitants
Updated : Monday, September 03, 2018 7:30 AM (GMT+0700)

Aftertwo years implementing the Plan 84 of the PPC (Plan 84) to carry out the ActionPlan (AP) 06 of the Provincial Party Committee on leading to direct, enhancethe administrative reform (AR) task, enhancing PCI, PAPI, creating the open,healthy investment environment with lots of positive results. However, thereare certain remaining and limitations that continue to require drasticsolutions in the coming time. In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper, PPC Standing vice chairman Nguyen Chi Hien, letknown:

Administrative reforms at the economic management board contributing to enhancing

- After the provincial Partycommittee issued the action plan 06, the PPC permeated and issued Plan 84 toconcrete the targets, solutions, assign detailed tasks to each department,sector, the people’s committees of districts, town, city to implement. On thisfoundation, the departments, boards, the people’s committees at district levelshave issued plans for strict implementation. The PPC frequently follows, urges, directs the sectors and localities to implement the assigned tasks; consultthe executive board of the Provincial Party Committee to issue lots of officialcorrespondences to direct the offices, units and localities to efficientlyimplement the targets, tasks and solutions to enhance the AR task to increasePCI, PAPI, creating the province’s open and healthy investment environment…

* Are there any difficultiesand entanglements during the process of implementing this task, sir?

- Currently, there has notbeen thorough connection of management software related to 100% of the people’scommittees at commune level; some offices, units, localities have not been boldas related to arranging the mechanism, simplifying  the number of civil servants. The task of ARhas been cared by the departments, localities as well as conductingdouble-checking, proposing the public announcement of the Administrative reformsunder the rights of offices, units and localities.

Nevertheless, the process ofimplement AP for the organizations and individuals has faced with lots of entanglements.Some civil servants in some departments, sectors and localities have gotlimited awareness, low spirit of responsibilities in implementing public tasks,the attitude of serving the inhabitants, enterprises has not been high, andthis has not met the job requirements. The activity of supporting enterpriseshas not met the expectations and requirements of the enterprises. The currenttask of scheming, plans of land use has not met the required quality, there areso many overlapping cases without being approved. As for PAPI index, thecontent of “participation of the inhabitants at the foundation level” in theprovince has been ranged lowest; the publicly announcing has been implementedby the localities but there are so many cases of merely formal but not at goodquality, some civil servants are still seemingly asking for benefits as well ascausing trouble during the process of dealing with tasks…

* According to  you, whatare the solutions to overcome the difficulties in the coming time?

- Facing the abovedifficulties, the PPC has raised lots of tasks, solutions. In concrete, thedepartments,  sectors and localitiesactively coordinate to concentrate on implementing sectional indexes with lowpoints in the past years. Continuing to enhance AR, updating, standardizing,announcing the APs under stipulations; implementing how to apologize to theorganizations and individuals once wrongly dealing with AP like wronginformation or late appointment. Frequently consolidating the staff of civil servantswho work at the sections of receiving and returning the results at the offices,units and localities to meet the standard of competence and morality. Continueto efficiently implement “Phu Yen enterprise year 2018”; actively beingpositive and efficient support towards the investors who have bee issueddecisions for advocacies to invest, issue the certificates of completinginvestment advocacies, land, environment, construction license. The chairmen ofthe people’s committees at district level direct and frequently check thepeople’s committees at communal level when it comes to seriously andsufficiently implement the contents and criteria of section for PAPI at thepeople’s committees of communes and hamlets, villages, quarters to ensure thepractical features, bringing about the practical benefits to the inhabitants,avoiding cases of insincere dealing, just to cope.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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