Sharing the joy of the Independence Day
Updated : Sunday, September 02, 2018 5:51 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe joyful atmosphere of the 73rd anniversary of the National Day onSeptember 2nd, the soldiers of Uncle Ho, wounded soldiers and families contributingto the revolution have shared the joy of the country's independence anddevelopment.

PPC Vice Chairman, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung, visiting veteran Nguyen Thi Dat (Song Cau town)

In the meeting with thewounded soldier Le Hung Anh (aged 58, Tinh Son hamlet, Cung Son townlet, SonHoa district), he shared: "In the peaceful and joyful atmosphere, thesedays, I feel like a youth. I joined the revolution from June 1981 to March 1985as Commander-in-Chief, unit D4, Regiment E142, Division 315, Military Region 5.In January 1983, in the battle against Pol Pot in Division C in Laos, I injured and was transported to the rearin Stung Treng (Cambodia)for treatment in 3 months before back to the unit. In April 1985, I returned tomy hometown in Cung Son township.

In 1986, wounded soldier LeHung Anh married. At that time, the economy faced many difficulties, the young coupleworked as employees, actively reclaiming land for production. Recalling thedifficult time initially, Mr. Le Hung Anh said in motion: "At that time,this place is sparse with lots of waste land, but I was in disease constantly,recurring pain when the bad weather, my health became worse and worse. However,after years of diligence, my couple reclaimed several hectares of land forproduction. Since then, the family's life has been better."

At present, the family ofwar veterans Le Hung Anh is quite wealthy. Each year, his family earns aboutVND 150 million. His children learn fully. "Today, I thank the Party andState very much. I always mobilize relatives to well observe the guidelines,policies of the Party, the law of the State," said Mr. Le Hung Anh.

The number of the policybeneficiaries of the Revolution in the province is relatively high, with over13,200 martyrs; over 6,500 wounded soldiers; over 10,700 people withmeritorious services to the revolution and resistance warriors who were awardedmedals are entitled to monthly allowances and one-time allowances...Especially, the whole province has had 2,297 Hero Viet Nam Mothers (currentlymore than 115 mothers living).

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dat, aveteran soldier in Long Binh quarter, Xuan Phu ward, Song Cau town, saidemotionally: “I am very honored, proud to have been in the military and trustthe young generation will continue the glorious tradition of Uncle Ho soldiers,defending the country in all circumstances. As a youth, I participated in therevolution, served as a squad leader. After the unification of the country, Ireturned with wounds on my body. Whenever the bad weather, despite the pain, Ifeel very happy because I did not waste my young time, but devoted myself toserving the country, for the national independence.” From the gratitude days ofJuly to the historic August and the joyful Independence Day, her family isalways crowded with her relatives, neighbors and leaders to make gratitude,joy, give gifts. She feels proud and happy.

Mr. Dinh Khac Do, DeputyDirector of Phu Yen Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs,shared: With the practical and effective work during the past time, thematerial and spiritual life of people with merit in the province has been moreand more advanced. The wounded soldiers, martyrs' families, and people withmeritorious services have tried to overcome difficulties, promote internalstrengths, strive to rise with the will and energy to stabilize life andcontinue to contribute to the Revolution. In the province has appeared manyexamples of typical wounded soldiers performing well President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching"wounded soldiers not waste". At present, 98% of the contributingfamilies in the province have a living standard higher than or equal to theaverage living standard of the residents. This is the driving force for thesector to continue implementing the preferential policies for people withmeritorious services to the revolution.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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