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Updated : Saturday, July 21, 2018 3:48 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past 5 years, the task of Administrative reform (AR) in connection with implementingOrder 23 of the executive board of the Provincial People’s committee onenhancing the discipline, administrative regulations in the operation of alloffices and units in the province (order 23) has achieved certain positiveresults; administrative order continues to be developed. Through this, lots ofadministrative procedures (AP) have been shortened, the working manner of thecadres, civil servants and officials have been enhanced in the positive manner.

The “one door” section is always attached with significance as to the spirit of order 23

According to Mr. Vo NgocKha, Chairman of Tuy Hoa city’s People’s Committee, the AR task in the city inthe past time has always been attached with implementing order 23. Throughthis, creating the trust among the inhabitants, the serving attitude of thecadres, civil servants has been enhanced. Therefore, the city’s leaders havefrequently directed, inspected the cadres, civil servants to strictly implementthis order.  Mr. Nguyen Tan Chan, Chairmanof Tay Hoa’s district’s People’s Committee, lets know: the district hasdirected to link AR with implementing Order 23; the cadres, civil servants,staff of the offices and units from the district level to the foundation havealways well implemented the motto “know how to salute, listen, explain,apologize, say thank you” and “being friendly, affectionate; responsible,disciplined, ordered: in coping, dealing with jobs for the organizations andindividuals”.

 “In the past time, the order, administrativeorder have been gradually into order, particularly since attaching withimplementing order 23. Accordingly, the quality of dealing with AP documents ofthe offices, localities have been obviously enhanced; most documents have beendealt with the right time or even prior to the deadline; the number of latedocuments is reduced. Lots of offices, units, localities have been implementedwith dealing with at the addresses of the organization, the citizens via thesystem of post office express services, through which, making contributions toenhancing the quality of supplying the peoples’ services”, the PPC standingvice Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien, asserted.

Also according to Mr. NguyenChi Hien, implementing the task of AR, in connection with order 23,particularly implementing the one-door mechanism, one thorough door, the impacthas been active in changing the working manner of the officers at all levels;and being gradually concreted and simplified, openly announced. The PPC hasissued the responsibilities and ways of apologizing of the civil servants inthe state administrative offices in the province. Through which, the civilservants, officials have raised the awareness and responsibilities oncecontacting and working with the people; attentively instructing, answering the properrequests of the organizations, individuals in the working manner of the civilservants has been enhanced, making contributions to well implementing the tasksunder the rights. From this, PAPI, PCI of the province have both been enhanced.

According to Mr. Vo Duc Tho,Director of the Department of Internal Affairs, the task of checking theimplementation of discipline, administrative discipline under Order 23 has beenfrequently attached with significance, particularly after the Lunar New year.The first 6 months of 2018, the sudden inspection has been conducted at 14offices and units. Recently, the department of internal affairs has conductedthe sudden inspection into the working manner of the civil servants. In general,the offices, units and localities that were checked have basically implementedthe order 23 and the law stipulations.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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