Women joining hands for the green, clean and nice environment
Updated : Monday, June 11, 2018 7:55 AM (GMT+0700)

TheProvincial Women’s Association has just organized the forum “Phu Yen women forthe green, clean and nice environment”. At the forum, the delegates shared lotsof ideas and experiences as well as practical solutions for Phu Yen women tojoin hands for environmental protection (EP) in a more efficient manner in thecoming time. Phu Yen Newspaper acknowledgedsome heart-felt ideas raised at the forum.

Women in Ngoc Lam 1 hamlet (Hoa My Tay commune, Tay Hoa district) taking care
of flowers on the “green, clean, nice, bright road parts” under the management of the
hamlet’s women

 * CHAIRWOMAN OF THE PROVINCIAL WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION, MRS. DANGTHI HONG NGA: Actively implement the activities and solutions of EP

To contribute to efficientlyimplement Order 09-CT/TU dated 23/6/2016 by the executive board of theprovincial Party Committee on enhancing the task of ensuring environmentalhygiene in the province, annually, the provincial women association assigns theemulating criteria to the women associations in districts, town, city.Accordingly, 100% of communes, wards have established and effectivelymaintained the models of women joining EP; mobilizing the households toactively plant flowers, green trees in front of or along the roads; taking partin protecting green trees in the residential areas; minimizing the use ofplastic bags to contain food once going to the markets; economically usingwater; well implementing the classification of rubbish at the householdsactively taking part in the models of EP clubs at the localities…

In the coming time, theprovincial women associations will continue to enhance propagating, educating toenhance the awareness and responsibilities of the communities in the EP task.The associations at all levels enhance solutions of EP in an efficient way, bemore active in raising the awareness of propagating the women members inparticular and the entire population in general. From this, develop the roles,responsibilities and the coordination among the associations levels as well asthe functional sectors in implementing the EP task in connection withimplementing the mobilization of constructing families with 5 non and 3cleanness.

* STANDING VICE CHAIRMAN OF TUY HOA CITY’S PEOPLE’S COMMITTEE, MR.NGUYEN VAN KHOA: Constructing the environmental landscape to be green, cleanand nice

In the past time, in thecity, there have been wrong garbage gathering areas and the city has directedthe wards, communes to be determined in reminding or even organizing meetingswith the inhabitants, but there has not been much change. Nevertheless, sincethe time the women association conducted planting flowers at these areas, theinhabitants have no longer thrown garbage onto the flowers. This does not onlylimit the situations of thoughtless littering but the city’s aesthetic traithas been enhanced. However, not a few people are still into the bad habit ofthrowing garbage onto the streets or putting garbage in the wrongplaces….Facing these issues, we do hope the women association and otherorganizations to join hands with the local governments for the EP task, wellimplementing the scheme of “garbage not landing on land” by the city, for thesake of the city’s sustainable development of the “green roof” in Phu Yen ingeneral and in Tuy Hoa city in particular.


So far, the entire districthas got 11/11 women association in communes and town lets register with theParty level and the government to implement the deed of constructing new ruralareas, urban civilization with such activities as launching to do clean-upsalong the roads of the communes, town lets and establish 11 groups of cleaningup along the inner-village roads, constructing 6 green, clean, nice roads, 6women groups collecting garbage, 1 women group limiting the use of plasticbags, 2 branches of constructing official documents to give instructions onputting garbage in the right places, right time….to contribute to efficientlyimplement the mobilization of “the entire population being united to build upthe cultural life in the residential areas”, the mobilization of “constructingfamilies with 5 non and 3 cleanness” in the locality…Through which,contributing the assist Tay Hoa district to have 10/10 communes reach the newrural areas standards.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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