Workshop talks good governance towards achieving SDGs
Updated : Friday, May 18, 2018 9:17 AM (GMT+0700)

 Aconsultative workshop on the research report “Implementing sustainabledevelopment goals (SDGs) in Vietnam and the Open Government Partnership (OGP)initiative” was held in Hanoi on May 17 by the Towards Transparency (TT)organisation. 

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It was part of activities inthe project to promote the implementation of OGP initiative in the countryfunded by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy ofDenmark in Vietnam. 

Christian Brix Moller, arepresentative from the Embassy of Denmark, in his opening speech, revealedthat all member countries of OGP are using the initiative as a tool to improvethe national governance efficiency, and increase public confidence in theircommitment to promoting publicity, transparency, accountability and corruptioncombat, towards bringing prosperity for the countries and their people. 

According to TT’s ExecutiveDirector Nguyen Thi Kieu Vien, OGP is very necessary as it can support theGovernment and relevant sides in effectively performing Vietnam’s developmentgoals. 

The OGP promotion group inVietnam under the coordination of TT is working to find the relationshipbetween SDGs and OGP in order to provide more information about benefitsbrought by OGP on the way to reach SDGs in the country for the VietnameseGovernment and relevant parties. 

The workshop offered achance for TT to listen to opinions on the main outcomes and initialrecommendations, helping the group to continue completing the report in thecoming time. 

According to the report,corruption is the serious issue in Vietnam, which draws special attention ofthe Vietnamese Party and State. 

This poses an urgent needfor building and strengthening good governance institutions and enhancinganti-corruption work in the country. 

In May 2017, the Governmentaffirmed its strong commitment to achieving SDGs through approving the NationalAction Plan for the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable DevelopmentAgenda. 

Initiated in 2011, OGP isthe most prominent international initiative to promote transparency andaccountability, and encourage public involvement in State managementactivities. 

This multilateralinternational institution has strongly appealed to both developed anddeveloping countries. 

The approach and principlesof OGP are very close to and compatible with SDGs, especially those on goodgovernance and transparent institutions in promoting accountability for apeaceful, equitable, and inclusive development society.

Le Dang Doanh, member of theDevelopment Policy Committee of the UN, said the report has shown thecompatibility of major orientations, resolutions and laws of Vietnam with theprinciples of OGP. 

The report should givedeeper analysis and complete assessments of difficulties and barriers, helpingVietnam join the initiative in a practical manner, he said.


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