The Festival of Talented Youth Team Managers contributing to promoting Phu Yen provincial images
Updated : Thursday, April 12, 2018 9:41 AM (GMT+0700)

The7th Festival for the aforementioned managers of Children's Centers, TeenageActivity Centers for the Southern Region - 2018 has been taking place in Tuy Hoacity, hosted by Phu Yen Provincial Youth Union. Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr. Phan Xuan Hanh, Secretary of the ProvincialYouth Union, Chairman of Phu Yen Youth Association, Head of OrganizingCommittee of the Festival.

A repertoire at the opening ceremony of the Talented Youth Team Manager Festival

* As the organizer of the 7thSouthern Talented Manager Festival Organizing Committee, what can you say aboutthe Festival’s purpose and meaning?

- Making merit to celebratethe 43rd anniversary of liberating Phu Yen province (April 1st,1975 - April 1st, 2018) and the entire South region, unifying thecountry (April 30th, 1975 - April 30th, 2018); celebratingthe 77th founding anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Pilot Teenage Team(May 15th, 1941 - May 15th, 2018), the 7thSouthern Talented Youth Team Manager Festival with the theme “Da River, Nhan Mountain- Full of love in the whole country”.

The Festival aims to commendand award the talented youth managers and is a healthy and playful cultural andsport playground for cadres in charge of children's centers, teenage activity centersin the Southern region; creating solidarity, sticking, supporting for activitiesamong the units in the area; at the same time, improving the quality of theyouth team managers in both skills and responsibilities with the futuregeneration of the country. This is also an opportunity for the organizers tointroduce Phu Yen's landscape, land and people to friends in the region and thewhole country.

 * What program has theOrganizing Committee built for the Festival to become the common roof of theChildren's Center, Teenage Activity Centers in provinces and cities and promotethe image of Phu Yen land to friends, sir?

 - The Festival hasbeen joined with 45 units of provinces, cities in the Southern region and 5provinces in the North, attended with nearly 400 delegates. Its motto"Friendly, grateful, devoted, responsible, regular and disciplined,"the Festival organizers have prepared the contents of the program taking placeduring the three days of from April 9th to 11th in TuyHoa city, Song Hinh district and many tourism destinations, scenic relics in PhuYen province such as Da Dia reef, Mon beach - Dien Cape, Mang Lang Church, the NationalHistoric Site of No-number Ship, Luong Van Chanh temple...

The task of promoting, popularizing,introducing tourism products as well as beauty, potential tourism strength ofthe province is identified as one of the key tasks. Therefore, we share theimages, information about the tourist attractions, entertainment areas in the"yellow flowers, green grass" land to all delegates, delegationsattending. At the same time, we coordinate with related departments, agenciesand organizations to successfully organize activities in the Festival.

* The social security workis also focused at the festival. Can you elaborate on this activity?

 - The social securityactivity is one of the fine traditions in the Festivals of Talent Youth TeamMangers. At this Festival, in addition to exchanging, sharing experiences in childrenwork and movement, the Board of Directors of the Southern Children's Centerswill carry out the bamboo shoot workshop “For the children” to build aplayground for children in a difficult commune with a total cost of VND 40million and award scholarships to 20 disadvantaged students overcomingdifficulties to learn well in Phu Yen province, cost VND 1 million for each.The program is made with the contribution of the Children's Centers and Teenage Activity Centersparticipating in the Festival. Thus, it can contribute to taking care andeducating the young generation in the best way.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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