Spring all over regions
Updated : Saturday, February 10, 2018 10:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Despitecold weather, the atmosphere of welcoming Tet in the countryside is soexciting. Tet flowers have been brought to markets in urban and rural areas,from mountainous communes and the districts of Dong Xuan, Son Hoa, Tuy An todelta areas and Tuy Hoa city for sale. People go shopping for Tet excitingly.

Spring flowers are blooming all over regions at Lunar New Year 2018

Teton rural market

In Son Dinh commune, theatmosphere of welcoming Tet is very bustling. The People's Committee of SonDinh commune has hung the banner of "Celebrate the Party, celebrate thespring" at public places and mobilized people to clean village roads. Mr.Tran Minh Tien, Secretary cum Chairman of the People's Committee of Son Dinh commune,lets known: Before Tet Mau Tuat, all roads from hamlets of Hoa Ngai, Hoa Binh,Hoa Thuan... have been leveled and concretized in order for the people totravel  conveniently. The People'sCommittee of the district has instructed the commune to grasp the situation ofhouseholds in the area, especially ethnic minority to timely give support and notlet happen any cases of starving households at Tet.

The closer Tet comes, themore bustling the shopping atmosphere in communes of Xuan Lanh and Xuan Quang 3(Dong Xuan district) becomes. Along roadsof Lanh Van hamlet into Xuan Lanh market, the shopping atmosphere hereis very urgent and bustling. Mrs. Phan Thi Hoa in Lanh Van hamlet who is shoppingfor Tet, lets known: at the previous market day, I bought clothes for mychildren. Now I am going shopping to buy a dozen thin cups, tablecloth and thenchoose a kumquat pot.

At the end of the year, SongHinh commune, the most remote area of ​​Song Hinh district, is full of spring atmosphere.This year, people planting rubber trees, sugarcane and cassava are damaged byfloods in late of 2017. Near the Lunar New Year, agencies and units come to givepresents to help poor families enjoy spring and welcome Tet. Recently, theprogram "Loving spring" donated by benefactors has given nearly 400presents, each including 250.000 dong in cash and confectionary for peoplehere.

Springflowers along the streets

In Tuy Hoa city, flowers aresold throughout the streets as usual. The red and yellow lanterns alternatingbetween flower stalls makes the spring atmosphere more joyful.

Mr. Le Van Hieu, owner of Miss.Thao flower garden (Binh Kien commune), lets known: These days, I have constantlyimported numerous flowers from Da Lat and the South West region to sell at Tet.This year, such flowers of Da Lat as orchids and tulips are chosen by numerous customers”.

Throughout the streets, manyshops of plastic flower, cloth flowers and driftwood are also preferred bycustomers. Mr. Hoang Hai, owner of a plastic flower shop on Tran Hung Dao streethas also imported a lot of flowers for sale. Mr. Hai lets known: I rent a placeto display flowers. If it is in frontage, I can sell much but if it is inalley, just a few people come to buy. Plastic flowers and fabric flowers arethough not as brilliant as real flowers, they are durable and can be displayedfor several years, hence being loved by customers.

In the cold weather of theend of the lunar year, cars of flowers from gardens merging into flow of peoplemake people’s minds warmer. Along streets of Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Tran Phu, DienHong park area, households selling ornamental trees, flowers, decorationsfor Tet, daisy, apricots, kumquats, roses gathered crowded, brightening thewhole streets.

On the streets, cars arestill busy transporting flowers from many places. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, a flowerseller lets known: Because of the storm No. 12, flowers are damaged much andnot beautiful as every year. Through surveys, flower prices are also moreexpensive than every year from 10 to 20% depending on types. It is nearly oneweek to the Lunar New Year 2018 but numerous people had gone to buy flowers."The time since the 26th day of lunar year is the peak ofbuying and selling flowers for Tet because people also consider price and time forflowers to bloom most beautiful in the early days of new year”, said Mr. Tuan.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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