Enterprises caring about Tet holiday for employees
Updated : Friday, January 12, 2018 2:39 PM (GMT+0700)

MauTuat Lunar New Year 2018 is coming. Trade unions at all levels and manyenterprises have been implementing the plans of caring about Tet of employeeswith lots of practical activities to assure them to work and have a warm andcheerful Tet.  

Enterprises publicize Tet bonus to assure employees to work.
In photo: Employees working at Phu Yen Cashew Nuts JSC

We went to Hoa HiepIndustrial Zone (IZ) at the beginning of the new year 2018 to find out Tetbonus for employees. Mrs. Le Thi Kim Tuyen, Chairman of the Trade Union ofHarry & Co., Ltd let known: "The company has policy of Tet bonus foremployees. Each receives the 13th month salary of nearly 3,5 million dongs anda gift of cooking oil, sugar and confectionery; simultaneously, attending theyear end party before Tet holiday..". Mrs. Phan Thi Thu Diem, an employee ofHarry & Co., Ltd, happily said, "We are very excited because lastyear, the company has stable production orders, employees’ life is ensured.This Tet, we have the bonus of one month salary, those who work hard and oftenget more shifts will receive some more bonus. In addition, the Trade unioncares and supports those in difficult circumstances. Thereby, with both salaryand bonus, I have more than 10 million dongs altogether at the end of year toprepare for Tet of the whole family”.

In the past year, despitenumerous difficulties, many enterprises in the province have actively soughtmarkets, goods resources and restructured production and labor; simultaneously,taking  savings solutions and deployinglabor emulation movements. Thereby, business activities of enterprises havereached and exceeded the targets and plans, so not only ensuring employment andstable income for employees but also giving Tet bonus for them. Typically, PhuYen Khatoco Cigarette Factory (An Phu IZ) gives bonus of from 7 to 25 milliondongs; An Hung JSC gives bonus of from 2,7 to 24 million dongs; Thai NakornPatana Vietnam Co., Ltd gives bonus of from 2,9 to 18 million dongs; Sai GonPhu Yen Service Trading one - member Co., Ltd gives bonus of from 5.8 to 40million dongs...

Mr. To Van Khai, Chairman ofthe Trade Union of Phu Yen Economic Zone, emphasized: "The Trade Union ofthe Economic Zone has pro-actively proposed and directed the unions toimplement tasks before, during and after the Lunar New Year. Requiring unionsto cooperate closely with enterprise leaders to prepare salary, bonuses andgifts for employees and grasp their opinions and minds. Numerous enterprisesgive bonus employees one month salary, which is a great effort and worth toapplaud. In addition to Tet bonus, enterprises cooperate with unions to giveTet gifts, organize year-end party and give lucky money at the new year meetingto employees. It can be seen that the majority of enterprises consideremployees as important resources and precious assets. The fact that Tradeunions and employers care about Tet of employees is a motivation for employeesto work and be attached to enterprises”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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