Resolving problems in labor relations
Updated : Saturday, October 06, 2018 7:30 AM (GMT+0700)

Lowwages, low compensation and inappropriate behavior towards employees are the mainreasons of strikes and collective working stop. This fact shows that the mechanismof regular dialogue at the workplace to grasp and resolve timely thoughts,aspirations, pressing of employees is an effective solution to preventconflicts and build harmonious labor relations in enterprises.

Building harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations, creating conditions for
employees to be assured in working and attaching to enterprises. In the photo:
Seafood processing at Mosc Vietnam Co., Ltd (Hoa Hiep IP)

At present, there are over80,000 employees in enterprises and cooperatives (operating as enterprises);85% of them signs labor contracts and the rest 15% does not. Facing thissituation, employees have many disadvantages in labor relations. Therefore,regular dialogue mechanism at the workplace impacts positively on all operationaspects of enterprises, thereby improving product quality and productivity,making employees assured to work and attach to enterprises. This is also a goodsolution to resolve labor relations conflicts.

Not long ago, labor conflictoccurred at Foodtech JSC - Phu Yen Branch (Hoa Hiep Industrial zone).Specifically, a group of workers focused on claiming benefits of working time,signing labor contracts, social insurance, health insurance and adjustingproduct price. Through the labor union, employees and enterprise had a meetingto listen and share concerns, aspirations of employees and difficulties ofenterprises. After conflicts were resolved satisfactorily, employees returnedto work and both of them agreed to sign the collective labor agreement withmore benefits for employees.

"I am satisfied withcontents of resolving conflict through dialogue between employees andenterprises. We do want to propose the initiatives but rarely do we meetleaders; so, the dialogue is an opportunity for us to propose them. I hope thatdialogues are maintained regularly for workers to show all their ability",said Mrs. Le Thi Hong Dan, a worker of Foodtech JSC- Phu Yen branch.

In Phu Yen, implementing theDecree No. 60/2013/ND-CP of the Government on the implementation of democracyregulations at the workplace, on average, more than 76,7% of enterprisesorganize employee conferences; 74% of enterprises build democracy regulationsat the workplace; 72,4% of enterprises set up regulations of organizingemployee conferences; 54,9% of enterprises set up regulations of periodicdialogue at the workplace; 71,2% of enterprises has labor unions to negotiateabout signing and amending   contents ofcollective labor agreement. In 2018, the entire province has 70 out of 115enterprises setting up regulations of periodic dialogue at the workplace, 45out of 115 enterprises organize regular dialogues at the workplace with 59meetings…

As regards to obstacles inorganizing periodic dialogue, according to Mr. Ma Quang Hung, Vice Chairman ofthe Labor Union of Phu Yen Economic Zone, most enterprises think that it is toomuch to organize dialogues 4 times a year because they do not have time oreconomic condition. “Dialogues take place not only when employees find thattheir rights are violated but also when enterprises have difficulties. Ifdialogues between enterprises and representative of employees are organized atleast once a quarter and continue when one party requests, problems will beresolved initially, ensuring benefits of both parties", emphasized Mr.Hung. However, it is not easy to organize dialogues effectively, especially inforeign-invested enterprises.

There are numerous ideasthat to improve the effectiveness of dialogue at the workplace, the laborunions at upper level should direct the grassroots to establish dialoguechannels at the workplace. According to Mr. Huynh Kim Hung, Vice Chairman ofthe provincial Labor Federation, each enterprise should establish and operate acombination of different channels to increase the effectiveness of dialogue.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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