Launching the center of inseminating enterprises and renovation-creativity
Updated : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:00 PM (GMT+0700)

Mien TrungCollege of industry and trade has justorganized the opening ceremony of the center of inseminating enterprises andrenovation-creativity.

PPC Vice chairman Phan Dinh Phung, college leaders and the delegates cutting the opening
ribbons for the Center of  inseminating enterprises and renovation-creativity

At the launching ceremony,Center Director Bui Thi Thanh Mai let known, “the start-ups activities havebeen conducted by the College for the past 4 years, and this has made considerablecontributions to constructing the institution’s start-ups ecological system. Duringthe process, it has been more obvious as far as the support towards start-upsgroups is concerned. The college has played a fairly significant role in thestart-up ecological system in the coastal-central highlands region”.

The college has nowpossessed three start-ups projects in the short-list of the national contestfor start-ups gain the prizes in ministry and sector level, also, threestart-ups enterprises have received support from the college for establishment.Since 2017, the college has been cooperating with Phu Yen Newspaper to organizethe provincial contest for start-ups thoughts, attracting quite a lot ofquality start-ups thoughts… From those factors, the Center of inseminatingenterprises and renovation-creativity has been founded for the purpose ofconnecting three objects, namely policy-makers, the college itself andenterprises. Simultaneously this is aimed at preparing learners with skills,knowledge, experience for the sake of getting ready for start-ups once havingobtained the practically creative and innovative orientations.

Addressing at the ceremony,PPC Vice Chairman Phan Dinh Phung highly appreciated the strenuous efforts madeby Mien Trung college of industry andtrade in the center establishment. The Vice Chairman stressed, “ therecent signals have strongly proved that Phu Yen has been forming the clearstart-ups ecological system. The birth of one center operating in this sectorplays the part of one shared model to contribute to the province’s developmentin start-ups ecological system, innovation and creativity in particular and theregional provinces in general. The center is the venue for inseminating thefeasible and fruitful business thoughts which in turn exist and develop in asustainable manner for those large-scope enterprises. As such, this is apractically great chance for the young to develop creativity competence.

Right after the ceremony,Mien Trung college of industry and trade signed the cooperating agreement withQuy Nhon University and Song Han Center of start-ups insemination JSC, throughwhich to implement training activities and programs to enhance the competencein the sector of start-ups, creativity and innovation for those at colleges,universities, research institutes, the political-social organizations in thecentral-highlands region; linking the consulting support, constructing theintermediary institutions to support start-ups, creativity and innovation atthe college; contacting, connecting the enterprises to support start-ups,laying the premises for the activities of trade and investment promotion forstart-ups right at the locality…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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