Large number of districts, communes not meet set criteria: Minister
Updated : Friday, August 10, 2018 3:51 PM (GMT+0700)

Ministerof Home Affairs Le Vinh Tan has pointed out problems in the status of district-and commune-level administrative units, noting that over 80 percent of theseunits do not meet criteria in terms of area and population. 

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh speaks at the conference on August 9 -

The ministry held a nationalconference on August 9 to collect opinions on a draft master plan onre-organising district- and commune-level administrative units from now to2021.

Minister Tan said the mergerand division of administrative units in the past have brought about certainpositive outcomes, including helping to boost socio-economic development,urbanisation and the efficiency of the state apparatus. They have also helpedensure defence-security, social order and safety, and people’s livingstandards.

However, the increase in thenumber of administrative units at different levels has led to increasinglycumbersome state apparatus and expanded payroll. The division of administrativeunits has also caused many hindrances in making development directions, brokeup the development space, and made local resources and potential scattered.

He noted that 588 of thetotal 713 district-level units (82.47 percent), and 9,434 of the 11,162commune-level units (84.51 percent) do not meet criteria in area and populationstipulated in Resolution 1211/2016/UBTVQH13 of the National Assembly StandingCommittee.

The draft under discussionaims to re-organise the administrative units that do not meet 50 percent ofboth the area and population criteria by 2021. It looks to complete the workfor all ineligible units between 2022 and 2030.

However, the plan do notrecommend the reshuffle of ineligible units with particular characteristics,such as those which stand isolated from other localities, have history offormation and stable development since before 1945, or have particularreligious, customs, cultural identities that could negatively impact security,defence and social order if they are  merged with others.

Speaking at the meeting,Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh supported the target for 2021 in thedraft, adding that it is also necessary to take into account other specificfactors like geographical conditions, history, culture and customs of localcommunities before carrying out re-organisation.

He also stressed thataccording to the 2013 Constitution and the law on organisation of localgovernments, public opinions must be collected before adjusting administrativeboundary, and only when over 50 percent of local voters support the reshufflecan the adjustment be submitted to authorised agencies for consideration.


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