Continuing to improve the efficiency of the Public service portal
Updated : Friday, August 10, 2018 3:38 PM (GMT+0700)

Theprovincial Public service portal has been operating and gradually promoting theefficiency, bringing benefits for state management agencies, people andenterprises. In order to meet the requirements in the new era, this systemneeds to be widely deployed.

Officers of Tuy An district administering public service portal

 After nearly two yearsof operation, the provincial Public service portal has been provided toorganizations, enterprises and people in the province by departments, sectorsand localities. Most of them have implemented services at level 3, some atlevel 4; receiving and resolving dossiers and procedures as requirement ofpeople in accordance with the State regulations.

According to the Departmentof Information and Communication, the provincial Public service portal hasupdated 16,280 administrative procedures, including 1,461 ones in block ofdepartments, sectors and localities; 2,835 ones in block of districts, townsand city; 11,984 ones in block of communes, wards and towns. So far, there are 1,530dossiers at level 3 and 1,212 dossiers at level 4 resolved on the portal; 38public services at level 3 and level 4 having dossiers to resolve.

Mr. Vo Dinh Hanh, DeputyDirector of the Department of Industry and Trade, lets known: Up to now, theDepartment has received and timely resolved 132 procedures at level 3 and 12procedures at level 4. Since the process of resolving dossiers and proceduresof enterprises, people... through online system is publicized, the departmenthas given information widely to other units and people to know and use. Thesystem administration part of the department is also trained and instructed inoperating skills, so it is quite convenient to resolve administrativeprocedures.

Regarding the operation ofthe provincial Public service portal, Mr. Le Ty Khanh, Deputy Director of theDepartment of Information and Communication, lets known: Putting the provincialPublic service portal into operation has promoted to apply informationtechnology in administrative procedure reform of units in the province.Initially, this system basically meets requirements of receiving and resolvingdossiers via online environment, corresponding to the modern electronic inter-one-stop system. In order to promote the application of information technologyand administration reform in modern direction, the Department of Informationand Communication has coordinated with some units to organize trainingknowledge related to management and operation of the provincial public serviceportal; simultaneously, supporting to resolve problems and difficulties ofdepartments, sectors and localities in using process.

According to Phu YenViettel, after establishing the provincial Public service portal, this unit hassupported departments, sectors and localities to connect and operate thissystem; simultaneously, instructing skills to staff in charge of this task.According to Phu Yen Post Office, in the past time, departments, sectors andlocalities have flexibly coordinated with the post sector in receiving andresolving procedures on the provincial public service portal. All post officesand ports at communal culture houses have received and returned results ofresolving administrative procedures from state management agencies to people.

Phu Yen Post Office has alsosigned cooperation agreements with sectors and localities to promote the the developmentand application of information technology in resolving administrativeprocedures. The unit also asked for policy and coordinated with units toupgrade public services at levels 3 and 4; soon connecting directly with theprovincial Public service portal to support people and enterprises to registerfor resolving dossiers online.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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