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Updated : Friday, July 20, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Thevoluntary student groups  (VS) of KoreaInternational University has just coordinated with Phu Yen provincial youthunion to organize lots of particular, meaningful and exciting voluntaryactivities for the children at An Hiep kindergarten (Tuy An district) and TinhHoa kindergarten (Phu Yen children of juvenile and children activities).

Voluntary students of Korean international University training the children at An Hiep
kindergarten (Tuy An district) how to dance

Sharply at 7am, we werepresent at An Hiep kindergarten, lots of children were having fun with thecommunity games organized by the VS of Korea University.Despite the language barrier, with the body language and the interpreter comingfrom Hai Duong province, who is also at student at this University, everydistance was removed.

At Tinh Hoa kindergarten(ward 5, Tuy Hoa city), the VS of Korea international University organized thecommunity games, cultural exchange activities, performing Taekwondo and lots ofother repertoires bearing the features of Korean culture; simultaneously takingpart in cleaning up the environment along Doc Lap street (Ward 7, Tuy Hoacity).

Professor Lee Han Woo, headof VS group of Korea international University, shared, “annually, theUniversity’s students register for the voluntary programs in the countries ofLaos, Cambodia…As known, Phu Yen is one of the localities suffering severedamage from storm 12/2017, we selected this locality as the venue fororganizing the voluntary programs so as to make contributions to helping thechildren to strive in life and study”.

Apart from the voluntaryactivities, during the 4 days in Phu Yen, the 18 students conducted culturalexchange with the youth in the locality, enjoyed the specialties of Phu Yen.Min Junkin, a third-year student, faculty of social tasks, shared, “This is thesecond time I have been to Vietnambut the first time to Phu Yen to join in voluntary programs. I see Phu Yeninhabitants are so mild, hospitable, particularly the children are so muchlovely and intelligent. They are so active and daring when it comes to takingpart in games, and this  creates the greatimpetus for us to well fulfill the assigned program”.

Professor Lee Han Woo added,annually, the University’s students take part in voluntary programs bothdomestically and overseas with around 1,000 hours. To come to Phu Yen for thisvoluntary session, prior to this summer, the University had informed to theentire students to take part in . Through which, the University selected thevolunteers and constructed the contents fortheir own voluntary activities.

“Firstly, the group wereconcerned much about accommodation, daily activities, transportation to theplaces…But with the enthusiastic support of Phu Yen youth union, we were notonly able to conduct the contents but also got instructed to visit lots ofscenic spots in the province. Every activity was conducted in a safe andfavorable manner. Through this, I can see Vietnamese in general and Phu Yenpeople in particular are very friendly, hospitable and they are gems”,professor Lee Han Woo confided.

“Despite the distance fortransportation to come to Phu Yen and facing not few difficulties in dailyactivities, communication and cuisine…the students of Korea InternationalUniversity are very cheerful, enthusiastic in all of the meaningul voluntaryactivities at An Hiep Kindergarten as well as Tinh Hoa kindergarten.

The voluntary activity thistime contributes to enhancing the friendship, cultural exchange for thejuveniles, children of the two countries of Vietnam-Korea in general andbetween Phu Yen and Koreain particular”, Mrs. Le Thi Thanh Bich, standing deputy secretary of theprovincial youth union, chairwoman of Phu Yen provincial youth activitycouncil, said.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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