Confirming the role of trade unions within the enterprises
Updated : Friday, July 13, 2018 8:50 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen province has currently had thousands of enterprises of all economic sectorsengaged in production and business which have attracted and created jobs fortens of thousands of workers. Over the past years, the grassroots trade unionsin the Business Unit have confirmed a very important role in enterprises andworkers. Many trade union bases have operated effectively, helping to balancethe interests of employers and employees, thereby contributing to improving theefficiency of business and production for enterprises.

The activities of Trade union grassroots in enterprises contributing to improving the
production and business efficiency. In photo: Workers manufacturing at Hoa Hiep
Industrial Park

As a 100% foreign-investedenterprise, specialized in producing and processing types of glasses andprocessing wood-doors for export, SemCo Industry Limited Company has had 436 tradeunion members in the company’s divisions. The company is a typicalrepresentative for trade union base in Hoa Hiep Industrial Park with taking care ofemployees' lives, through the emulation movements of promoting theirinnovations, contributing to improving production and business efficiency.

According to Ms. Ngo ThiKhanh Hoa, Chairwoman of the Trade Union in the Company, initally, employershesitated to discuss about establishing the union, which made them think thatit would affect the production and business of the unit. Many people in thecompany, including Ms. Hoa, have repeatedly convinced that the trade union wasnot a "barrier", but a "bridge" between employees andemployers, contributing to performing more effectively for the business. Theidea was just accepted after many times of convincing.

Mr. Phan Dinh Tuyen, themaintenance manager of the company, let known: "In daily work, wheneverdifficulties arise, we, workers in the group, thought of initiative and boldlyproposed to the leaders changing rudimentary equipment; using modern and safe machineryin labor, helping the process flow smoothly".

According to the Provincial LaborFederation, during the past years, the trade unions’ activities of enterpriseshave changed markedly with the motto of taking care of employees and payingattention to the benefit for trade union’s members. As a result, the grassrootshas played its role in grasping and responding to problems arising in therelationship between employees and business owners.

"Most of the tradeunion grassroots in businesses have promoted their role, protecting thelegitimate interests of employees; besides, launched and mobilized employees toactively participate in the emulation movements of producing, promotinginnovation, improving their technique, well performing their duties to developthe business," said Mr. Huynh Kim Hung, Vice Chairman of the ProvincialLabor Federation.

 "The concrete andpractical work of the trade union organization in the Business Unit hasconfirmed that the trade union is really the firm support of the employees,ensured the function of representation, care and protection of rights and legalinterests for employees. In order to further promote the role and position ofthe grassroots in the business, the trade union staff in enterprises need tocontinue promoting their roles; actively grasp the law and stand on the side ofthe employees from the legal point of view; thereby, legitimate rights andinterests of the employees are taken care, protected, the movement ofproduction and business is promoted, contributing to creating jobs and stableincome for the employees as well as improving the competitiveness, prestige,brand of the enterprise on the market," Vice Chairman of the ProvincialLabor Federation, Mr. Huynh Kim Hung confirmed.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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