Making breakthroughs in science and technology
Updated : Thursday, February 15, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Withthe development orientation focused on the local strengths and favored byenthusiastic and responsible scientists, scientific and technologicalactivities in the province have strongly enhanced, made important marks andbecome the motivation for the breakthrough in the future.

People paying visits to the Central Center for Research and Production of Medicinal Materials

Technical staff in Hoa Quang BiotechExperiment Station under the Center for Technology Transfer and Applicationhave spent a busy day with lots of plans. While at the place of packingmushroom embryo, the workers are not resting their hands, at the parks of plantingmushroom, flowers or medicinal reserves, the technicians are meticulouslyscrutinizing to find out disease, adjust the humidity, the amount of water forirrigation, fertilizer to suit the plant. For many last years, Hoa Quang Bio-techExperiment Station is a prestigious address specializing in receiving,researching, applying and transferring scientific-technological advances intoproduction.

Those who are willing to give up comfort inthe big city to come to the area with sand and sea in Hoa Hiep Nam commune(Dong Hoa district) to "care" for medicinal plants, engineers Le ThiTuyet Anh, Hoang Xuan Lam (director and deputy director of the Central Centerfor Research and Production of Medicinal Materials) has devoted much effort tosuccessfully build an organic medicinal plant area following a strictprocedures to export to Hungary, Germany, Japan, France, Taiwan... Recallingthe early days full of hardship when building the Central Center for Researchand Production of Medicinal Materials, engineer Tuyet Anh confided, "WhenI first came to work here, the center was a sandy beach with the sun shining onour heads and the burning sand at our feet and the people around us were stillskeptical about us coming here."

Overcoming many difficulties but with faith andlove, scientists do not only bring prestige and position for themselves but theproducts they create are also transferred, widely applied in practice,contributing to spreading out positive effects.

According to Mr. Le Van Cuu, Director of theDepartment of Science and Technology, in the past five years, the province hasimplemented 73 projects focused on researching, exploiting and promoting thelocal strengths, step by step making main and characteristic products of theprovince.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Pham Dai Duong visiting the point of
connecting technology supply and demand

In 2016, those implementing the science andtechnology application project to develop models of producing edible mushroomsand medicinal herbs in the industry direction in Phu Yen province developed aconcentrated culture model at Hoa Quang Bio-tech Experiment Station and dispersedin 7 districts, town and city. Many households have successfully cultivated thelichen mushrooms, and other kinds of mushrooms to serve the needs of peopleinside and outside the province. Till 2017, the project of applying technicaladvances to build bird nest and regional planning, craft-village of breedingbird nest in Phu Yen was implemented to help state agencies to manage andrestrict the situation of people breeding birds nest in crowded residentialarea causing environmental pollution and biological non-safety. From the resultof the plan, the province built the region plan and craft-village for birdnests till 2020 and orientation to 2030; at the same time, approved the projecton development and exploitation of birds nest in Phu Yen between Department ofScience and Technology and Khanh Hoa Salanganes'Nest Limited Company in a20-year period.

Determining that developing agriculture,rural areas and farmers together with restructuring the agriculture sector isan important and urgent task. The projects on planting and developing medicinalplants are safe and suitable for Phu Yen land; researching and selectingshort-term varieties of cassava and intensification techniques, spreading thecrop to serve for the sustainable development of cassava in Phu Yen provincehas been implemented and promoting their effects in practice.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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