Science, technology motivate national development
Updated : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 8:54 AM (GMT+0700)

Therecent rapid development of science and technology has created newopportunities for Vietnam to boost its growth. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuchas recently pointed out solutions to give science and technology more momentumfor national growth.


Vietnam has implementedseveral mechanisms and incentives to increase science and technology’scontributions to the national socio-economic development. Vietnam’s GlobalInnovation Index ranks 59th among 140 countries and territories and itstechnology output indexes are among the top 50. The number of Vietnamesetechnology companies has increased rapidly in recent years. Many remarkableachievements have been made in the application of science and technology,particularly in agriculture and health care.

Goalsof science and technology reform should be realized

Prime Minister Nguyen XuanPhuc has recently asked the science and technology sector to focus more onhuman resource development, upgrade infrastructure, and improve internationalintegration capacity. 

PM Phuc said, “The scienceand technology sector needs to promote renovation, breakthroughs, adaptation,and sustainability and closely follow the government’s action program. In 2018the government will focus on reforming the growth model, restructuring theeconomy, addressing difficulties to facilitate enterprises and the public,encouraging innovation, and increasing national labor productivity”.

The Prime Minister saidscience and technology should contribute to reforming the growth model and replacinglow-productivity agricultural models in Vietnam. He stressed the importance ofincreasing the number of innovative enterprises and promoting start-ups.

Facilitatingenterprises in applying science and technology

Prime Minister Phuc saidthat enterprises should be the cornerstone of the innovation system. "It’snecessary to promote innovation in state agencies to encourage them to changetheir working methods and styles and streamline administrative procedures.Enterprises and the public should play a central role in creating nationallycompetitive products. We need to create more practical measures and a favorableenvironment, and maintain 8 sci-tech transaction floors to increaseconnectivity and technological transfer,” said the Prime Minister.

He underlined the importanceof reforming institutions and renovating investment methods to help make 2% ofstate budget allocated for science and technology efficient.

The Prime Minister asked theMinistry of Science and Technology to modernize science and technologyinfrastructure and promote high-tech parks in 2018.


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