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Updated : Wednesday, January 10, 2018 3:42 PM (GMT+0700)

Thecontest of technical science for secondary and high school students, held byPhu Yen department of education-training on an annual basis, has become anintellectual playground and helps provoke the creative passion; simultaneouslycontributing to developing the students’ study. In the recent 5th contest, theJudging panel highly appreciated the projects with highly practical value inconnection with the process of learning, working and producing.

So Minh Truc (right) and So Hờ Bly with the product of can wine fermenting
by the ethnic minority compatriots in Ca Lui commune, Son Hoa district

Phan Ly Ha and Nguyen NgocThien (10A1 class, Phan Dinh Phung high school in Song Cau town) is the groupof writers to the solution “making integrated life vests” and won the secondprize. Unlike the normal life vests, this integrated life vest is designed in asmall U-shape with sponge interior and the outside like umbrella. Once beingopened, the life vest has an oval shape attached with umbrella, curved withboxes containing food, drink as well as other essential utensils. The lifevests are painted in white and red, helping make it outstanding and attractingthe attention once being floated at sea. “We were born and brought up in acoastal region, so we can see clearly the necessity of these integrated lifevests. With the design off small size and lots of usage, these life vests willhelp people cling at sea for a long time while awaiting for the coastal rescueforces”, Phan Ly Ha said.

For the contest this year,the Judging panel is also really impressed with the theme raised by the ethnicminority students from the mountainous districts. The two students named SoMinh Truc and So Ho Bly (Kpá Kơ Lơng secondary school, Son Hoa district),introduced the project of “researching, preserving and improving the can winefermenting of the ethnic minority compatriots in Ca Lui commune, Son Hoa district”.To implement this project, the two students had collected information, recordedthe folk experiences of the names of the ingredients and the process offermenting before looking for medicinal plants for grinding, mixing evenly,fermenting into the molds, drying to have the final products. Theabove-products by students So Minh Truc, So Ho Bly bear highly practical andhumane meaning because it does originate from the great aspiration ofpreserving one particular product of the ethnic minority group at high risks ofbeing forgotten. The project was awarded the third prize among the projects forsecondary schools.

Highly appreciating theachievements, Elite Educator Ngo Ngoc Thu, vice director of the department ofeducation-training, said, “doing scientific and technical research is oneuseful, practical experience in close connection between theory and practice aswell as working and producing. The research activity will help students withgreat passion in science turn their dreams and ideas in science into products.I do highly appreciate the projects entered at the contest this time.Nevertheless, among lots of projects, there remain not a few products too farfrom the reality of secondary and high school students. Therefore, depending onthe practical situations of the locality, teachers need to instruct thestudents into the products compatible with their ages; it is not advisable toselect the projects beyond the level of the students or the projects unlikelyto be implemented in reality.

The fifth contest gathered59 projects ( an increase of 5 projects against the 4th one) with theparticipation of the secondary and high schools in 9 districts, town and cityof the province. This is also the first time with the participation of alldivisions of education and training. However, also according to Mr. Ngo NgocThu, for the contest to be more developed, the schools need to activelypropagate to all cadres, teachers, students and parents as well to clearlyunderstand the meaning, target of the contest. Besides, the students themselvesalso need to make more efforts and the schools winning prizes need to make boldand further investment to achieve higher prizes in the national andinternational contests.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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