Inspection work contributing to improving the efficiency of administrative reform
Updated : Saturday, March 09, 2019 5:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Over the last time, inspecting administrative reform(PAR) has always been concerned by the provinceon directing and implementing regularly as planned andunexpectedly; thereby, promptly proposing solutions to overcome limitations, shortcomings and improving the PAR index.

The PPC inspecting the administrative reform task in Dong Xuan district

Director of Department of Home Affairs,Mr. Vo Duc Tho let known: The Provincial People's Committeeassigned the Department of Home Affairs to assume the prime responsibility andcoordinate with relevant departments and agencies to set up a PAR inspectionteam at agencies, units and localities. Every year, the interdisciplinaryinspection team conducts PAR checks at from 8 to 9 departments, sectors,localities inthe province (about 30%of provincial and district agencies).

Simultaneously, according to the assigned functionsand tasks of state management, the Departments of Finance, Justice, Information-Communication, Science-Technology and thePPC Office organizespecialized inspections in the areas of PAR such as: public financial reform; establish, promulgate, review and systematize legaldocuments; applying information technology in the operation of administrativeagencies; applying ISO quality management system in the operation of administrativeagencies and the control of administrative procedures in agencies, units andlocalities in the province.

In Tuy An district, inspecting and assessing PAR organization and activities inthe area has been organized by the District People's Committee toimplement in the contentof the annual PAR monitoring plan. Mr. Bui Van Thanh, Chairman of TuyAn district People'sCommittee said: In 2018, the district conducted inspectingthe People's Committeesof 8 communes and 3 specialized agencies. Through inspection, limitations andshortcomings was timely discovered, which helped to guide agencies and units to wellimplement the contents of PAR organization and operation.

According to PPC Vice Chairman, Mr. Tran Huu The, thePAR inspection is alwaysconcerned by the PPC, focusing on directing and implementing regularly as plannedand unexpectedly. Specifically, the Provincial People's Committee assigns theDepartment of Home Affairs, the standing body to advise on PAR, activelydevelops inspection and examination plans, establishes the interdisciplinary inspection team tohelp the Provincial People's Committee carry out PAR inspection, public service inspection inagencies and localities in the province.

So far, the PAR inspection has been conducted in 10 agencies andlocalities; inspecting implementing legal regulations on recruitment, payroll employmentand management, laborcontracts and appointing cadres holding leadership and managementpositions at 8 agencies, units and localities (reaching 100% of the plan).Through inspection, it’s timely to propose solutions to overcome limitations andshortcomings; suggest and advise the Provincial People's Committee to review, direct and promote theimplementation of PAR tasks.

In order to improve and enhance PAR Index, the Provincial People'sCommittee has issued documents to direct departments, People's Committees ofdistricts, town and city to implement measures to improve the Provincial PAR Index; accordingly, organizing propaganda, disseminationand thorough understanding for cadres and civil servants on the results of theProvincial PAR Index; paying attention to direct and organize well-implementing the one-stop and one-stop-shop mechanismaccording to the Government's regulations; reducing to the lowest the rate of laterecords in handling administrative procedures for people and organizations; promoting the application of informationtechnology in managing, operating and settling administrative procedures;besides, strengthening to inspect public services, the focusis on settling administrative procedures in units; resolutely strictly handling violations according toregulations....

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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