Enhancing the investment in developing human resources
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Determining thesignificance of human resources, On April 26th, 2016, the provincialParty Committee tenure XVI assigned the Action Plan (AP) numbered 07 onenhancing human resources to develop human resources, train and attractwell-qualified human resources, connecting training with using. Viaimplementation, the quality, quantity and the structure of social human forceshave shown positive shift, better meeting the demands of the tasks in the newsituation.

Staff of Phu Yen branch of quality measuring standard control inspecting products

In the past two years, in the province, 13,730 people havebeen newly recruited for vocational training, in which, 3,224 people aretrained long term (college, tertiary level), 10,056 people are trained shortterm, the proportion of trained workers has surpassed 64%, marking an increaseof 9% against the beginning of the year 2016 (the target till the year 2020 is70%). In 2018, 24,650 people have been helped solve employment, 6% higher thanthe year plan, in which, labor export is 435 people the proportion ofvocationally trained workers accounted for 47% of the total workers in theeconomy, reaching 100% the year plan.

 According to the Organizing Board of the Provincial PartyCommittee, the current civil servants in the province have fundamentally metstandards in majoring occupational qualifications. Up to April 2018, the entireprovince had 24,730 civil servants, in which, at provincial and district level,there are 21,336 people, at communal level, there are 2,463 people.  

100% civil servants at communal level have been trained andreached standard, meeting the requirements as to the circular 06/2012 of theMinistry of internal affairs. Most coastalcommunes, and townlets as well as mountainous localities haveagri-forestry engineers, land or fisheries engineers; most wards have got civilservants with bachelor’s degrees in the faculty of construction, urbanmanagement and economy.

With 48 cadres being admitted to post-graduate study in thecountry and 2 cadres being trained abroad in the sectors that the province isin need, the province has also surveyed and agreed with the advocacies ofconstructing schemes on short-term fostering with foreign factors for theprovince’s leaders and managers. 

In the period of 2018-2020, the province organizes 3short-term training classes in the three countries of Japan, Korea,Singaporefor 75 provincial leaders and managers. Besides, from 2016 up to now. Besidesfrom 2016 up to now, the province has also attracted and arranged work for lotsof people in the case of “high qualified human resources”, including 63doctors.

Director of the Health Department, Dr. Nguyen Thi Mong Ngoc,let known: The health sector has actively coordinated with the universities andmajor hospitals in the country to train, foster and enhance the competence forthe doctors and physicians, to gradually meet the  higher demands of medical check-up andtreatment of the people.

Simultaneously consulting the PPC to annually register theplanned target of regular training of doctors and pharmacists pursuant toaddresses, appointed cases at the universities of medicine and pharmacy. From2016 up to April 2018, the province appointed 47 students who are ethnicminority in difficult and mountainous districts to study at universities, including31 students being educated at MedicineUniversity

“For the AP numbered 07 of the provincial Party Committee toreach  the assigned plans, the Partycommittee, Party levels, Party organizations, offices’ leadership have to permeateand be profoundly aware of the responsibilities in leading, directing theorganizations for implementation; determining this as the focal andfrequent  tasks of the localities, theunits and in need of drastic and efficient implementation”, Secretary of theprovincial Party Committee, Mr. Huynh Tan Viet emphasized.

Each office, unit has to frequently double check andsupplement the programs, plans on developing human resources at their own unitsand levels to determine the targets and tasks as well as concrete solutions suitablewith the localities and units’ situations and features determining the itineraryto balance and mobilize the forces for implementation.

Continuing to invest to enhance the quality of education-training;enhancing the implementation of training with efficiently using the socialhuman resources; developing the potentials of the entrepreneurs. Simultaneouslydouble checking, supplementing to complete and newly construct the policies,regimes, giving priorities to invest in state budget and mobilize social forcesto invest into developing human resources. There must be particular regimes topilot implement some breakthroughs in attracting and using high qualityresources.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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