Finance sector tops e-Government development in 2017
Updated : Friday, July 06, 2018 3:00 PM (GMT+0700)

TheMinistry of Finance led the way in e-Government development in 2017, with morethan 20 million requested records under online processing, according to areport on Vietnam’s e-Government development in 2017.

Volunteers help residents in the central city of Da Nang set up electronic citizen (e-citizen)
accounts - Source:VNA

Announced by the VietnamDigital Communications Association as part of the National Conference on e-Governmentin Hanoi on July 5, the report featured evaluations and rankings for threecategories, including ministries and ministerial-level agencies, governmentalagencies and centrally-run cities and provinces.

In the category ofministries and ministerial-level agencies, the Ministry of Finance led with0.71 points, followed by the Ministry of Science and Technology (0.692 points)and the Ministry of Justice (0.678 points).

Meanwhile, amonggovernmental agencies, Vietnam Social Security led with 0.814 points.

In terms of centrally-runprovinces and cities, the central province of Hue topped the list with 0.727points, followed by central Da Nang city, the Central Highlands province of LamDong, the northern province of Quang Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City. 

According to the GovernmentOffice, the three basic indexes of the e-Government system of online publicservices, telecoms infrastructure and human resources have improved.Ministries, ministerial-level agencies and the Vietnam Social Security provideda total of 1,551 online public services. The figure in localities stood at45,374. 

The telecommunicationsinfrastructure index also significantly improved, with the rate of internetusers in Vietnam accounting for 54.2 percent of the population. 

According to the Ministry ofInformation and Communications, many online public services at levels 3 and 4of ministries, agencies and localities have been operated effectively, with ahuge number of records processed. 

Speaking at an eventorganised by the association and International Data Group, Deputy Minister ofInformation and Communications Nguyen Minh Hong said that the use ofinformation technology and the building of e-Government had been a concern ofthe Party and State.

The Government had a plan toimplement a new resolution on several key tasks to develop e-Government in2018-20, he noted, adding that the Government is preparing to set up a NationalCommittee for e-Government with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as chairman.

Hong also said that the Ministryof Information and Communications together with other ministries, departmentsand localities had achieved positive results in the use of informationtechnology and building of an e-Government. 

The report is a foundationfor ministries, departments and localities to grasp the status of technologyuse in their agencies, he said. 

From that, agencies willmake plans to promote the use of information technology and improve theeffectiveness of management and the reforms of administrative procedures toenhance the e-Government development index of Vietnam, he stressed.


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