President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday marked abroad
Updated : Sunday, May 20, 2018 3:26 PM (GMT+0700)

VietnameseAmbassador to Singapore Tao Thi Thanh Huong and the Vietnamese community in thecountry offered flowers to late President Ho Chi Minh at his statue in theAsian Civilisations Museum on the occasion of the late leader’s 128thbirth anniversary.

Vietnamese people in Singapore offer flowers to late President Ho Chi Minh at his statue
in the Asian Civilisations Museum - Source: VNA

Speaking at the ceremony onMay 19, Huong emphasised the contributions made by the great leader who foundedthe Communist Party of Vietnam and led the Party and people to victory throughthe two resistance wars for national liberation and reunification.

She recalled that PresidentHo Chi Minh visited Singapore twice, in May 1930 and January 1933 during hisjourney to seek for the path for national salvation.

The Ambassador affirmed thatthe thoughts, morality and teachings of the late President continue lightingthe way for the Vietnamese people at present.

The diplomat vowed to do herutmost to fulfill all assigned tasks to contribute to the nation building causeand tightening the bilateral relations between Vietnam and Singapore.

Also on the day, the staffof the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan offered incense and flowers in commemorationof late President Ho Chi Minh.

On May 18, the VietnameseConsulate General in Vladivostok, in collaboration with the Russia-VietnamFriendship Association and the Vietnamese Association in Primorye region, helda ceremony to mark the late President’s 128th birthday at Versaillehotel where the leader stayed during all the three times he visitedVladivostok.

Head of the Russia-VietnamFriendship Association in Primorye region Alexandr Sokolovsky hailed theimportant role of President Ho Chi Minh in laying the foundation for thefriendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union in the past and Russia atpresent.

Vice Secretary of the HanoiParty Committee Dao Duc Toan, who is also present at the event, stressed theneed to maintain and develop the bilateral ties.

He affirmed Vietnamesestudents learning in Russia and Russian students who are learning Vietnameselanguage are those helping to continue consolidating and developing thebilateral time-honoured friendship.

On this occasion, Laos’Pathetlao newspapers ran articles on its May 17 and 18 issues, introducing thelife and revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh and praising hisrevolutionary moral example.

President Ho Chi Minh ledVietnam to success in the struggle for national independence and inestablishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam following the August Revolutionin 1945. He passed away in 1969.


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