Training to meet the social needs towards the knowledge economy
Updated : Wednesday, February 14, 2018 2:00 PM (GMT+0700)

Totrain human resources of high quality for meeting the needs of the societytowards a knowledge economy serving the cause of the national industrializationand modernization has currently been a great concern of educationalinstitutions and the whole society. This goal has been being put in the mostimportant place by universities and colleges in the province to contribute tothe local socio-eco development and labor restructuring.

Students of the Mien Trung University of Construction  on the graduation day

The whole province has had 1 sub-institute, 5universities and colleges, hence the training fields are diversified and meetingthe high quality human resources in all fields and sectors in society.According to the assessment from Phu Yen Department of Education and Training,the average enrollment target for each university or college is from a fewhundreds to over one thousand of students.

In recent years, besides paying attention toimproving the quality of training, universities and colleges in the provincehave also focused on investigating the labor demand of enterprises and society.Thereby, the universities and colleges "have shaken hands" withenterprises to turn what they have to training what the social needs; say “no”to substandard training, not meet social needs. Simultaneously, therelationship with businesses has been strengthened to send students to practiceproduction and find out the recruitment needs of businesses. On the other hand,the universities invite qualified and experienced professionals who are workingat enterprises to give lectures in order to implement the motto "trainingassociated with enterprise needs".

Facing the fact that graduates have usuallybeen unemployed or not worked properly as trained has been more and more; inaddition to actively changing the training tactics to meet the strictrequirements of employers, universities and colleges in the province have beentrying to create jobs for students after graduation. In 2017, nearly 90% of the97 graduates of the nursing faculty of Phu Yen Medical Collegefound jobs soon after graduation. According to the students, this result isthanks to the college’s sending students to practice working skill in twomonths at the University Hospital of Medicine - Ho Chi Minh City - a prestigious andqualifying hospital; thus students are fostered patient care skills of aprofessional nurse. This, in turn, has helped students pass the othercandidates in the job application process.

For technical groups, one of the measuresthat universities and colleges have been applying is to collaborate closelywith businesses and companies in the training process. To carry out this task,in addition to organizing vocational activities for students, the schools alsovisit businesses to understand and grasp the labor demand, on the basis ofwhich the schools and businesses exchange to have oriented training response.Prof. Dr. Tran Kim Quyen, Rector of Tuy Hoa Industrial College, let known:"Over the past years, the college has regularly joined hands with many companiesin training and supplying human resources. Businesses also provideopportunities for students to visit, practice and work at their facility duringtheir studies, as well as after graduation. Therefore, the issue of employmentafter graduation for the students is no longer worrying. We commit 100% of studentsto have job right after graduation.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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