Honoring 215 typical Phu Yen students
Updated : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 10:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Atthe Golden Kite Hall (Thuan Thao Convention and Ecology Center), Phu YenProvincial Youth Union and Student Union organized the program of Honoringtypical Phu Yen Students in Mau Tuat 2018.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Luong Minh Son awarding PPC’s
Merit Certificates to the outstanding students

All of the honored studentshave made great efforts to overcome difficulties, having excellent academicachievements, actively participating in the Association’s activities; takingpart in scientific research, winning high prizes in technology contests,Olympic competitions ... Honoring typical Phu Yen students' program,represented by the Provincial Youth Union Standing Committee, Phu YenProvincial Student Association Secretariat, is organized annually to praise,encourage, honor achievements and efforts in learning and training of Phu Yenstudents studying in all parts of the country, encouraging their spirit ofeffort. Moreover, in learning, bringing knowledge to build the society and thecountry.

 Mr. Luong Minh Son,Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, informed the students of thesocio-eco development of the province. In addition, the province has policiesto attract human resources, especially young intellectuals in many fields thatthe province is interested in. The Deputy Secretary of the Provincial PartyCommittee praised the spirit of Phu Yen students 'efforts and determination tolearn and practice, wishing the students to develop the traditions of theirhometowns and the ahead student generations' achievements, continuing toresearch, study, acquire knowledge of science and technology of the world, tomeet the requirements and development of society and the province.

 On this occasion, theOrganizing Board honored 215 typical Phu Yen students studying at universitiesand colleges nationwide in 2016-2017 academic year. In particular, 100 studentsreceived the merit certificates from the PPC, each worth 1.3 million dongs and115 students received merit certificates from the Phu Yen Student Union, each worth500,000 dongs, of which HD Bank -Phu Yen Branch support 80 scholarships.

Source:Phu Yen Online

Translatedby TRONG HAO

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