Commending and awarding 58 individuals and collectives
Updated : Monday, December 03, 2018 12:58 PM (GMT+0700)

The Standing Board of the National Fatherfront of the province has just organized the pre-liminary conference of 3 years(2016-2018) of implementing the mobilization of the entire population being unitedto construct new rural areas, civilized urban; summing up 15 years (2003-2018) implementing theGreat Day of the entire nation solidarity.

Representatives of the executive board of the national father front presenting merit
certificates to the collectives

Reports at the conference revealed that after three years of implementingthe mobilization of the entire population being united to construct the newrural areas, civilized urban, the province has gained lots of outstandingresults. The mobilization has connected the implementation of the tasks betweenthe government, National Father front, the collectives, sectors, levels, theconsensus from the inhabitants. So far, the entire province has got 45 out of88 communes reach the standards of new rural areas, accounting for 51% of thetotal number of communes in the province; 2 districts have registered to reachthe standard of new rural areas.

The results ofthe mobilization for the fund for the poor at all levels in the period of2016-2018, over 36.2 billion dongs has been gained. The boards of mobilizationfor  funds and the provincial rescue fundhave disbursed nearly 53.3 billion dongs to construct 1,438 great solidarityhouses for the poor. More than 3,000 poor households in the province have beensupported by the cadres, Party members, civil servants,  officials, via the forms of eradicating thetemporary houses or giving loans for doing business, producing or creatingconditions to obtain capital.

Implementing themodels of sustainable poverty reduction, from the year 2016 up to now, eachcommune has constructed at least one model and currently multiplied and developedwith further efficiency. The entire province has 562 out of 625 residentialareas which have been acknowledged as cultural residential areas. The entireprovince has constructed 131 models of happy families; 149 models of preventingand combating family violence; 87 models of caring, protecting children.

After 15 yearsof implementing the “Great day of the entire nation great solidarity”, so far,100% of residential areas have well organized the great day. Most residentialareas have organized both the festive and rituals of the day with suchplentiful activities as donating great solidarity houses, affection houses,presenting gifts to poor households, poor and fond-of-learning students….Thisis the occasion for the inhabitants to meet, exchange and share the issues inlife, contributing to tightening the solidarity and mutual help spirit in theresidential community.

On thisoccasion, the executive board of the national father front of the provincepresented merit certificates to 24 collectives, 34 individuals with excellentachievements in implementing the mobilization.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN 

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