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Updated : Sunday, December 02, 2018 8:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Vietnam central youthorganization, Ministry of science and technology and Club of investment-startup and Vietnamentrepreneurs’ club have just organized the journey “I love my homeland” 2018.The journey has passed and stopped over in 11 provinces and cities in thenation, including Phu Yen. As related to this journey, Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed the Standing vice chairman of Vietnam youthassociation, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Van.

Le Viet Tien (second right) in Hoa Quang Nam commune, Phu Hoa district, supported
by the provincial youth union to plant bamboo shoot to bring about high income

* What is the purpose of the journey “I love my nation” thistime, Ms.?

- In 2016, the Prime Minister official mobilized the nationalstart-up program, accordingly, we have determines two contents, i.e, widespreadstart-ups so as to help the youth memebr with start up, like: consulting,instructing to set up projects, instruct how to design products, instruct howto register for brand name, looking for investment capital source and creativerenovation.

After two years of implementing the national start-upprogram, we have concentrated on the creative objects. For this reason, weconducted this journey past 11 provinces and cities all over the nation, forthe young members to experience. Secondly while passing the provinces, andcities with fairly good start-up ecological system in the nation, seeing theopportunities with their creativity, for these young members to proposesolutions.

Take Phu Yen province for instance, we organize informaltalks on developing tourism, the members of the journey as well as the young membersin the locality proposed solutions close to the locality’s traditional valuesto bring about high efficiency. Thirdly, the young people who come to these localitiescan make comparisons and exchange information, and they do know which citiesand provinces can well support, and which can not. From this, the youth memberscan compare with the overall scope nationwide to make proposals, remove thecurrent barriers and difficulties, for the sake of supporting the youth withstart-ups. All of the voices, idea are reported to the Prime Minister at thecoming dialogue forum.

* Which further support are the youth members going to getafter this “experiencing journey”, Ms.?

 - After this trip, on November 27th, apartfrom the youth members taking part in the journey, we also selected thedelegates who are the representatives for the youth starting-up in theprovinces and cities with the excellent products and projects to givepresentations in front of 200 investors to appeal for investment and capital. Throughthis, the students know how to do business, advertise their products as well asappealing for investment capital in the future. On November 28th, weorganize the forum on global intellectual with the participation ofunder-35-year-old members from 21 countries who have concrete research worksand likely to contribute to Vietnamgovernment.

At this forum, we gathered the ideas by the delegates and upto the afternoon of November 29th, we reflected the ideas andproposals of all of the youth members to take part in supporting the youth withstart-ups; reporting to the Prime minister on the results after two yearsimplementing the national program of start-ups.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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