Educating the patriotism for students
Updated : Saturday, October 20, 2018 3:59 PM (GMT+0700)

The3rd congress of Phu Yen Students’ Organization, tenure 2018-2023 isgoing to discuss numerous solutions so as to further develop the provincialstudents’ movement. Prior to this congress, Phu Yen newspaper interviewed Mr.Tran Minh Tri, Deputy secretary of the Provincial Youth Association cum Chairmanof Phu Yen Students’ Associations tenure 2013-2020.

Mr. Huynh Tan, Viet, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, visiting one voluntary
youth work in Son Thanh Dong commune (Dong Hoa district)

* For the tenure 2013-2018,the tasks of The Association and Phu Yen students’ movements have shown drasticdevelopment. For you, what are the outstanding activities that leave impressiveimprints?

- In the tenure 2013-2018, PhuYen students’ association has coordinated with sectors, levels, particularlythe provincial youth organization in educating the students of the ideology,revolutionary morality, developing the assaulting, creative roles of studentsin studying, doing scientific research (SR), constructing the healthy, friendlyand voluntary educational environment for the community.

After 5 years of implementingthe movement, 1,417 students have been acknowledged the title of “students with5-good” at all levels; supporting 150 students in difficult situations,donating nearly 1,000 scholarships and honor the students with excellent andtypical achievements in learning and training, SR with more than 1 billiondongs; implementing more than 7km of rural concrete roads. “Lighting up ruralroads with 25.6 km, constructing 12 affection houses… 

* To construct the students inthe new period with ideology, patriotism, what issued and solutions will bediscussed during this Congress?

- Developing the tradition,with the action slogan “being pioneered, determined, creative, integrating anddeveloping”, at this Congress, we are going to concentrate on constructing lotsof solutions to continue renovation, creativity and operating forms,contributing to educating, fostering to form the students’ generations who arepatriotic, ambitious, with knowledge and competence to get access totechnology.

Among which, concentrating onstudying and following the ideology, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh;creating conditions for the students to well develop the potentials and innerforce to reach the title “students with 5-good at all levels. Simultaneouslyconcentrating on the solutions of consulting, supporting students indifficulties to overcome and be successful in life.

The Provincial Students’Organization is always the companion, helping the students to harbor theaspiration, great ambition and one high national spirit, on which foundation,the students would have the firm motivation to be integrating in the society,region and the World.

* With the IndustrialRevolution 4.0, for you, what is Phu Yen students’ organization going to do toassault in studying, SR and be the technology owner?

 - The ProvincialStudents’ Association has determined the students in 6 universities, colleges andinstitutes in the province and Phu Yen students learning all over the nationand even abroad as the objects being oriented in organizing the activities.Therefore, the provincial students’ organization has always encouraged thestudents of the schools and colleges, universities to organize activitiessuitable with each student, major and sector in the school to support thestudents in learning and SR and get access to the latest knowledge in theIndustry revolution 4.0. Simultaneously orienting for the students to host theprovincial activities in studying and SR. The organization propagates,introduces students to take part in the contests and prizes like “ideas for creativityand start-ups among students” organized by the central students association;Phu Yen contests in informatics for the youth; the contest of technique andcreativity and the federation of scientific and technical federations…

Particularly, the ProvincialStudents’ Association has determined as one year of program of the comingtenure as for coordinating with the departments and sectors to construct oneprize for students in SR, “The prize for students in SR at provincial level”,so as to create the impetus for the students to construct the research works,timely keep up with the industry revolution 4.0.

Source:PhuYen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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