Improving DDCI to attract enterprises
Updated : Friday, October 19, 2018 2:47 PM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has just released the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI)in 2018. The research team of Indochina survey Company evaluated the currentcondition of Phu Yen and offered specific recommendations to help the provinceimprove this index in the coming time. PhuYen Newspaper had an interview with Dr. Nguyen Duc Nhat, Head of the DDCIresearch team in Phu Yen, around this issue.

Tay Hoa district belongs to the locality block appreciated by the enterprise community
and ranks second in the surveyed ones. Photo: Organizations and individuals watching
administrative procedures posted publicly at the office

* Can you let us known about thepurpose and meaning of DDCI assessment, sir?

- With the DDCI spirit of“transferring the fire of reform to grassroots”, the PPC has selected 26 unitsto join the pilot and implement the DDCI program in 2018 with three objectivestowards the favorable and sustainable business environment. They are: initialdiagnosis at the end of 2018 of strengths and weaknesses of the two unit groupsbased on eight pillars of economic management; creating competition andemulation of economic management quality among authorities of districts, towns,cities and departments; building reliable, broad and transparent informationchannel in order for investors and enterprises to contribute their opinions onbuilding local authorities and departments.

* Through the survey, what isthe conclusion of the team on Phu Yen DDCI, sir?

- Despite the first year ofDDCI implementation, Phu Yen received more than 700 feedbacks and ideas fromthe enterprise community in the province. Some in the DDCI assessment pilotshow the stable development while others have difficulties and downsizeproduction.

Phu Yen DDCI indicated the roleand position of each unit in each index’s component, creating overallcompetitiveness of the province. The DDCI pilot in Phu Yen in 2018 is aspecific action showing the attitude of listening and sharing with enterprisecommunity in the new development stage. DDCI helps all units in the pilot toconduct a more detailed analysis of capacity, results and impact of economicmanagement. Thereby, it helps each unit develop and identify bottlenecks inoperation; the province and units will directly listen to reflections ofenterprises in all aspects, especially sensitive issues...

* From the survey results,what does the research team propose to the province in order to improve theDDCI of Phu Yen, sir?

- The province must determinethat DDCI will create competitive effects within the province and directlysupport the task of planning, orientation of administrative reform and economicmanagement at all levels. Thereby, the research team has offered somerecommendations. Particularly, it is necessary to continue publicizing the DDCIin the coming years in order to create continuous competitive pressure, adatabase of measurement and monitor quality of economic management of theprovince and units over time; setting target that the whole province in 2019reaches and exceeds the median of all indexes according to the starting pointin 2018.

The research team alsosuggests leaders of Phu Yen to direct each unit to review and analyze strengthsand weaknesses of each indicator and assessment criteria in DDCI. Thereby,setting targets and action plans of each unit. The DDCI improvement plan ofeach unit is also the action plan of implementing the PCI program of theprovince, contributing to improving business environment and competitive rankof the province in the long term.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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