“Kerosene lamp village” receiving electricity
Updated : Friday, October 19, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Afternearly 30 years since the first day of re-establishing the province, in Hoi Cuhamlet, Hoa Tan Tay commune, Tay Hoa district remains one little villagelocated right in the middle of the mountain with more than 24 householdsliving. This village is named “kerosene lamp village” for the nationalelectricity network has not arrived yet. After years of waiting, on October 17th,2018, the villagers of Tan Dinh burst in happiness thanks to the electricityhaving been available right in  thehouses.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee visiting, sharing the joy with one household in
Tan Dinh village at receiving electricity

Mrs. Tran Thi Dung, onevillager in Tan Dinh village, confided, when  I came to settle in TanDinh village and since then we have had to live with insufficient conditionscaused by no electricity. Since birth, my children have been used to kerosenelamp, the  hand fan, wooden oven andhardly have they known about the electricity facilities. Once life has becomeless miserable, buying one electricity-charged lamp, the charged fan for thechildren to learn, my husband and I have had to take turns to travel nearly 7kmto have the charging battery. Now that we have got electricity, I am so muchexcited and can not wait. Everybody asks each other to clean up, pave the wavefor the electricity poles and create all of the most favorable conditions toprepare cooking rice. For other utensils, I am going to buy gradually.Everybody hopes to have electricity at the soonest time.

Lots of families eve excitedlygo shopping together with such electricity equipment as fridges, washingmachines, electricity oven, light bulbs, electricity line….so that onceelectricity is available, every equipment is ready. The inhabitants in Tan Dinhvillage hope that they will have knowledge widened, conditions are created andproduction is developed, life is improved for later generations. 

The work of supplyingelectricity to Tan Dinh village was commenced and completed only withi 35 days,but this had brought about great meanings to the locality and the localsthemselves.

Mr. Pham Phi Lenh, Chairman ofHoa Tan Tay Commune’s People’s Committee, let known: bringing electricity tothe rural areas is the major advocacies of the Party and State with the aim ofcreating impetus for the implementation of target programs in hungereradication and poverty reduction. The project of bringing electricity to TanDinh village does not only create favorable conditions for the commune’ssocio-eco development, but also opens up lots of new business-doing ways forthe local inhabitants; creating conditions for the inhabitants to haveelectricity for use in daily life and production, making contributions to lifeimprovement.

In the coming time, Hoa TanTay commune is going to continue creating favorable conditions for localinhabitants in Tan Dinh to develop production, increase income and stabilizelife. Besides, this region has lots of potentials for tourism development,therefore, the locality has oriented for the inhabitants to develop farming,agricultural production in combination with tourism,  services so as to create employment opportunitiesand stabilize life for the inhabitants.

Mr. Thai Minh Chau, Director ofPhu Yen Electricity Company, let known: The item of supplying electricity toTan Dinh village has been enlisted into the project of supplying rural electricityfrom the national electricity network in Phu Yen province in the period of2015-2020, approved by the Ministry of Industry and trade in 2015 with thetotal investment capital of over 6.1 billion dongs but so far no capitalsources have been assigned yet.

Nevertheless, facing theinhabitants’ urgent demand, Phu Yen electricity Company actively used theexpenditure source for investing in electricity network for Tan Dinh village.The item has the total investment capital of nearly 2 billion dongs with nearly2km of 22Kv line, 1km of low voltage line and 1 voltage station of 100kVA.

Besides, because the majorityof households here are facing difficulties, therefore, Phu Yen electricitycompany has supported the installment of electric power meters and post-metersline for the households.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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