Commending and awarding 22 typical role models of progress in the movement of emulation, patriotism
Updated : Saturday, June 09, 2018 9:13 AM (GMT+0700)

Theprovincial labor federation coordinated with the board of emulating to organizethe 5 years the period 2014-implementing the program of coordinating betweenthe two units on enhancing the emulation of patriotism and discovering,commending, awarding the typical progressive role models 2018. 4 collectivesand 18 typical role models are honored and commended by the provincial laborfederation.

Provincial leaders commending and awarding the typical progressive role models

In the past 5 years,implementing the above-mentioned program between the provincial laborfederation, the two units have strictly implemented the regulations ofemulating, commending, awarding; attaching attention to renovation with lots ofpractical activities; closely surveying the emulation, getting results ofimplementing the movement as the foundations for commending, attachingsignificance to at-the-spot commending and awarding to the laborers, smallcollectives. Typically are the emulation movements like “good labor”, “creativelabor”, “good both at home and at work”, the movement of “clean, green, nice toensure the safety and hygiene in working”, the emulating movement to connectand serve the cause of industrialization-modernization of agriculture, ruralareas, in connection with the emulation of “joining hearts and minds toconstruct new rural areas, urban civilization”.

From 2016 to 2018, theentire province had nearly 3,640 progressive collectives, more than 2,060collectives reaching the level of excellent working, nearly 76,000 individualsmeeting the level of progressive labor, more than 9,800 turns of emulatingsoldiers at all levels; more than 10 innovative, renovations, works and highquality products which bring about the benefit of more than 10 billion dongs.The State President presented 23 flags, 89 merit certificates.

At the conference, theprovincial emulating board and the provincial board of emulating, commendingagreed to sign in the program of coordinating to continue enhancing the programof emulating progressive role models in the period of 2018-2023. Provideconcrete assignment to each unit with the target of timely emulating,commending, awarding the individuals who are typical laborers, typicalprogressive models in implementing the movements of emulating and patriotism soas to raise the quality of commending, awarding the workers directly workingand producing.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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