Entrance Examination in Grade 10 is ready
Updated : Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:08 AM (GMT+0700)

Onthe 1st and 2nd of June, the entrance examination for  grade 10 of the 2018-2019 school year willtake place in 18 high schools, junior and senior secondary schools in theprovince. At this time, the schools have completed the preparation for the examto be conducted safely, seriously, in accordance with the regulations.  

Candidates and their relatives looking at the examination room at Nguyen Hue High School,
Tuy Hoa city

Compared with the previousyear, the entrance exam for grade 10 of the 2018-2019 school year takes place overone month earlier than before. Therefore, from the beginning of the secondsemester of the 2017-2018 school year, all the preparations for the exam havebeen urged by the educational sector. Since April 2018, the Department ofEducation and Training has trained the software to enroll in grade 10 so thatthe schools can actively update students’ information, timely review and adjustdata.

Among the 18 schools thatheld the entrance examination for grade 10 this year, Nguyen TraiHigh School (Tuy Hoa city)is the school with the largest number of candidates with 830 students. Toensure that the exam takes place seriously, the school has arranged two placesof at Nguyen TraiHigh School with 18 examination roomsand Hung Vuong Secondary Schoolwith 17 examination rooms. Due to the inadequate number of staffs and teachersof the school, the school has asked the Department of Education and Training toadd more staff. On May 28th, the school listed the examination room;in the afternoon of May 31st, candidates will go to school to listento the exam rules.

In the 2018-2019 schoolyear, 11,936 students are enrolled in the public school system, accounting for87.5% of the 9th grade in the 2017-2018 school year. It is expectedthat about 1,000 students will drop out of public school. According to Mr. PhamNgoc Tho, in addition to helping schools recruit talented students with passionfor learning to continue to study higher education levels, the organization ofrecruitment and selection is a way to contribute in vocational training educationafter the junior high school for students with limited ability, who cannotcontinue to study at higher levels.

For students who are notadmitted to grade 10, they may receive vocational education at a professionalschool system. Students who graduated from junior high school while studying inintermediate level have just learned vocational training and culture. Aftergraduation, students can go to work immediately or take the national highschool entrance examination according to enrollment regulations. In addition,secondary school graduates who learn in vocational immediate schools areexempted from school fees as regulated.

Dr Pham Van Cuong, Directorof Phu Yen Department of Education and Training, said: "Only two days more,the entrance exam for the 10th grade of 2018-2019 will take place.Students participating in the recruitment should be well prepared psychology, takerest, stay healthy to take the test with the highest results. Parents shouldnot impose on them to think in any way they should go to the public school or tophigh schools. Teachers and parents need to see the ability and strengths oftheir students to help them choose the most appropriate learning environment”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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