The intellectuals’ responsibility for the community benefit
Updated : Wednesday, April 18, 2018 9:23 AM (GMT+0700)

Inmany fields of activities of Phu Yen Provincial Unionof Science and Technology Associations (Union Association), the consulting,criticism and social assessment activities is the central function. Theactivity is not for profit but expresses the enthusiasm and responsibility ofthe intellectuals for the community benefit.

Union of Provincial Science and Technology Associations participating in the drip
irrigation model at Son Thanh farm (Tay Hoa district)

In Phu Yen province, theUnion Association was formed quite early (in 1996). After more than 20 years ofestablishment and development, Phu Yen Union Association has achievedremarkable results on gathering scientific - technology intellectual staff together.So far, 27 member organizations have been established with more than 20,000members participating in science and technology performances. Particularly, theactivities of counseling, criticism and social expertise, despite manydifficulties, especially in the capacity and responsibility of intellectualsand the intellectual foundation of the community has been still limited.However, the activity has also achieved encouraging results.

The milestones marking thedevelopment step is after Decision No. 1089/2011 / QD-UBND dated July 11, 2011 bythe Provincial People's Committee on promulgating the Regulation on the consultancy,judgment and social expertise of Phu Yen Union Association. Up to now, theProvincial Union Association has gathered over 300 experts who are highlyeducated, highly qualified, have practical experience and deep expertise inmany fields of science and technology to perform their tasks of consulting,criticizing and social assessment. At the same time, some training courses willbe organized to upgrade career and counseling, judgment and social expertiseskills; as well as set up the process of performing the tasks of consultancy,judgment and social expertise.

In addition to consulting,social criticism activities, as a member of the Provincial Fatherland FrontCommittee, Phu Yen Union Association and its member organizations have activelyparticipated in monitoring activities according to their regulated functionsand duties; for example, participating in monitoring: National Target Programto build new rural areas in Dong Xuan, Song Hinh, Son Hoa districts; a numberof scientific and technological projects such as restoring, developing, managingand protecting cave nest-bird populations in creeks in the Phu Yen province coastalareas. Supervising science and technology application projects to developmodels of edible mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms in the province; studying onselecting some F1 short-term hybrid rice varieties suitable in the province;set up a model of seagrass production (Caulerpa lentilijera J. Agard Dh, 1883)for coastal rural areas in Song Cau town... contributing to implementing theguidelines, resolutions of the Party, the State's law in socio-economicdevelopment, national defense and security to build and defend the Fatherland.

With the superiority ofcompetence and the impulse of conscience, the intellectuals always take on theresponsibility of the pioneer; discover new issues of life, put them in arelationship that affects the socio-economic development and the interests ofmembers in the community. In order to well perform the functions ofconsultancy, judgment and social expertise, the Provincial Union Associationcontinues to take the initiative, creation and flexibility to gather theintelligentsia; link more closely with the Provincial Fatherland Front; inparticular, linking and cooperating closely with the central specializedscientific and technical associations and the other provinces’ to supportleading experts and share information; improve the professional skills, bringinto full play the intellectual and creativity of the science and technologyintelligentsia, well perform the function of counseling, judgment and socialexpertise for the community benefit, contributing to building the province and countrywith prosperity, democracy, civilization.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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