Reforming houses for the poor after the storm
Updated : Tuesday, April 17, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen women’s association is actively implementing the project of “reforminghouses after the storm” to support with newly constructing 100 houses able toprevent storms and floods, also referring to the impacts of climate changeamong the inhabitants affected by storm numbered 12/2017. The program issupported by UNDP.

This is a project with humanemeanings; joining hands with local governments to implement the social securityprograms. Phu Yen Newspaper interviewedthe Chairwoman of the Provincial Women’s Association, Mrs. Dang Thi Hong Nga,as related to this project. Mrs. Nga let known:

Mr. Tran Dai Nghia (top left), Director of the project in Phu Yen, representative
of the UNDP, visiting one household in Hoa An commune (Phu Hoa district) with the
house under construction

- The storm numbered 12 inthe year 2017 caused severe damage to the people in Phu Yen province. Togetherwith the sectors, levels, the provincial women’s association joined hands withthe sectors, levels to support the inhabitants to overcome the damage, the associationhas also been connected with UNDP on recoveringfrom the storm for the inhabitants. Since receiving the project andgetting assigned from the PPC to the association to chair and coordinate withthe department of construction, labor-war invalids-social affairs, localities’governments to implement, the association has coordinated with the localities’ governmentsto survey, hold meetings with the inhabitants to judge and consider the objectsin the clear and public manner. After that, the association organized thetraining sessions for the inhabitants to get access to the capital sources; coordinatewith the construction department to organize training sessions on constructiontechniques for constructing safe houses as currently in Phu Yen under thesample houses designed by the construction department, the contractors,localities and local inhabitants would master to ensure the standards.

Apart from the amountsupported for the project at $2,200 /month, the inhabitants also need to havethe counter capital and make commitments to construct as to the design; it isalso possible to expand the areas of house construction but technical standardshave to be ensured. The project’s steps are closely implemented, which meansright from the foundations, everything step must be implemented, supervised asto the design, technique. After the foundations have been approved, theinhabitants will be advanced 40% of the counter capital and after the houseshave been completed, examined, transferred, the remaining part will bedisbursed.

The association and thedonors do also want the latest time for completing the construction and transferto be this September, so that prior to the rainy and stormy season, theinhabitants will have had immense houses to live.

 * Dear madam, apartfrom supporting with the money for house construction, it is also veryimportant for the inhabitants to recover the livelihood after the storm. Whichprograms and activities is the provincial women’s association taking to helpwomen overcome, recover and reform?

- Apart from supporting2,200 USD for each house, the project supplies another 5,000 USD to the householdsat the first surveys without getting supported with the house construction (theproject raises the first survey that the households benefit from the programhave to have the surplus figure of 20% (120 households) and then selected 100households) to provide loans for them to repair houses. With this amount ofmoney, the association is instructing the levels to implement and first of all,the priorities are given to these 20 households. Each household obtains thehighest amount of loan of no more than 20 million dons, 24 month-period, theinterest rate is like the rate offered by the bank of social policy but thedifference is the debt is collected periodically, not monthly. After that, thedisburse will be continued for other households to access the loans.

The association has alsomade proposal to the management board of the project that after the program, itis hoped that the project would support with livelihood for the inhabitants. Asfor the project, for the very first time, the proposal has been acknowledged,the provincial women association is constructing their own schemes so thatfurther programs of supporting with livelihood can be continued.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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