31.4 trillion VND used in new-style rural area building
Updated : Tuesday, January 09, 2018 3:12 PM (GMT+0700)

About31.4 trillion VND (1.38 billion USD) was used in building new-style rural areasin 2017, heard a conference held by the Central Coordination Office on New RuralDevelopment on January 8. 

About 31.4 trillion VND (1.38 billion USD) was used in building new-style rural areas in 2017

As a result, 2,884 communesor 32.3 percent of communes nationwide were recognised as new-style ruralareas, surpassing the target of at least 31 percent.

Of the total, 326 communeshave met the new national criteria on new rural communes during 2016-2020.

Besides, 43 district-levelunits in 24 centrally-run cities and provinces have been certified as new ruralareas, up 13 districts compared with the end of 2016 and exceeding the targetof 38.

The General StatisticsOffice revealed that as of the end of 2016, 99.4 percent of communesnationwide have auto-accessible roads to commune centres. All communes and 97.8percent of villages are connected with the national power grid. Meanwhile, 99.7percent of communes have pre and elementary schools and 99.5 percent ofcommunes have medical centres. 

Some 3,854 production modelshave been connected with each other by value chains. There are 11,183agricultural cooperatives, with each earning an average of 1.1 billion VND(48,400 USD) annually. 

Notably, localities have setforth roadmaps to deal with debts in infrastructure construction. 

However, the outcomes of thenew-style rural area building remain unequal between regions across thecountry, with 1,101 certified communes in the Red River Delta and only 119 inthe Central Highlands. 

The national targetprogramme on building new-style rural areas, initiated by the VietnameseGovernment in 2010, sets 19 criteria on socio-economic development, politics,and defence, aiming to develop rural regions.    

The list of criteriaincludes the development of infrastructure, the improvement of productioncapacity, environmental protection and the promotion of cultural values.

In 2015, the set of criteriawas increased to 20.


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