Taking priority of funding over mountainous areas
Updated : Sunday, September 10, 2017 3:54 PM (GMT+0700)

Phu Yen province is accelerating the implementation of the National target programme on sustainable poverty reduction. In addition to deploying supportive policies to improvethe lives of poor and nearly poor households in disadvantaged areas, the PPC has focused funding sustainable projects, mainly in mountainous areas where numerous ethnic minorities are living.

With funding of the National target programme on sustainable poverty reduction, water works in mountainous areas continuing to be built for living and production purposes

With supportive policies for poor households such as free medical treatment, support in education, housing, preferential credit loans and direct relief…, thousands of poor households in the province are cared, stabilizing lives step by step. According to the PPC, since the beginning of the year, more than 194.200 poor and nearly poor households have been granted health insurance cards for free and joined in more than 89.600 initial medical examination and treatment with the amount of 14 billion dongs. More than 26.400 students of poor and nearly poor households are exempted from tuition fees and more than 22.000 students are supported with tuition fees of over 13,9 billion dongs; 103 houses damaged and collapsed by the flood in late 2016 have been supported to build new ones, 270 temporary houses are supported 40 million each to complete until the end of the year. At the same time, the province has also directly supported 5,7 billion dongs to more than 13.400 households in coastal and mountainous communes with special difficulties. In addition, the credit loan policy has helped more than 2.500 poor and nearly poor households borrow more than 83,2 billion dongs to develop production. Students of disadvantaged households are also entitled to get loans for schooling with more than 2.000 turns and total amount of 12.2 billion dongs.

Implementing the projects on sustainable poverty reduction, the funds of Program 30a and Program 135 are still considered as two main capitals for supporting mountainous development. According to the PPC, in the past time, the province has deployed 5 projects under Project 30a and 135, supporting production development and communication on poverty reduction and capacity improvement for monitoring program; 7 sub-projects such as supporting for poor labors, developing livelihoods diversification, replicating poverty reduction models, investing in infrastructure… In particular, the two mountainous districts of Song Hinh and Dong Xuan are supported more than 3,1 billion dongs for infrastructure construction. Labors of poor and nearly poor households, ethnic minority households are facilitated to work abroad in a term with supportive funds of 324 million dongs. 16 communes and 27 villages with special difficulties in the province are allocated nearly 1,7 billion dongs, in which disbursing more than 1 billion, reaching over 61% of the plan. Simultaneously, as for communes which do not covered by Program 30a and Program 135, the PPC has allocated nearly 2 billion dongs to support production development, livelihood diversification for poor households and replication of poverty reduction models. According to Mr. Ksor Y Phun, Vice Chairman of Song Hinh District People's Committee, the locality is supplemented more than 1,5 billion dongs pursuant to the Resolution 30a of Prime Minister on implementing sub-project 1 on infrastructure support for poor districts. Thereby, the locality has continued to invest in projects approved by the PPC. In particular, the district has focused on public works to serve community and support production development such as irrigation, water supply, “rong” cultural houses... 

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, lets known: in the past time, the department has built numerous production models in disadvantaged areas such as hybrid rice, field models of sugar cane and cassava in mountainous areas or models of conversion plants in coastal communes. As the result, ethnic minority people have accessed to wet rice cultivation techniques, knowing economy efficiency of using good seeds and producing in a large fields. This is the basis for the department to replicate models of mechanized production, towards high-tech agricultural production in the coming time, helping people stabilize production to escape poverty and get rich sustainably.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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