Timely keeping up with and taking the opportunities for human resource training 4.0
Updated : Friday, February 08, 2019 2:00 PM (GMT+0700)

To enhance the quality of human resource training, meeting  the request of the industrial revolution 4.0,the universities and colleges in the province have been actively enhancingtraining renovation to timely take advantage of the social demands.

Students of Mien Trung college of industry and trade having experiments of industrial
automation on modern equipment

Theindustrial revolution 4.0 has immensely intensive and extensive impacts on allsocio-eco sectors, particularly laborers and employment, therefore, right fromnow, the universities and colleges in the province have always updated thelatest knowledge for the students, particularly soft skills; selecting thecompatible  training vocations andsectors.

Amongthe training, vocational  educationalunits with lots of innovations in training models and taking practicalsolutions to remove the knots in developing human resources, head of thevocation training division (Phu Yen department of labor-war invalids-socialaffairs), Mr. Le Van Pho, let known: attaching vocational training educationwith enterprises, labor market is considered the breakthrough solutions in thenew situation.

Inthe past time, the vocational educational foundations in the province havetaken lots of contents, forms in coordinating, connecting with the enterprisesin training, like: the supporting scholarships of the enterprises for thestudents who are taking vocational courses; training contracts for laborers ofthe enterprise; cooperating to take  theapprenticeship  students to theenterprises; organizing for the students, teachers to learn about theenterprises…This way of doing has heloed the training task to meet the socialdemands.

Theindustrial revolution 4.0 is developingdrastically all over the world and directly affecting Vietnam. This is the majoropportunity during the process of enhancing the nation’s industrialization andmodernization. To catch up with and take advantage of this revolution, Dr. TranKim Quyen, principal of Mien Trung industrial and trade college, let known:besides re-designing the studying program, constructing the standards forgraduate, the college concentrates on investing equipment for the focal sectorsand occupations like: two focal professions at international level (industrialelectricity, trimming and cutting metal); 2 professions at ASEAN level(technology of wleding, air-conditioning technique  and air monitoring), 3 professions atnational level (industrial electronics, IT, tourism guide), heading towardsconstructing this program into the high quality program.

Theindustrial revolution 4.0 will create major changes in laborer supply-demand.Lots of professions will disappear while new ones will be born. This requiresthe labor force to be well and properly equipped with both knowledge and skillsto meet the request in the new situation.

Visitingand working with some colleges in the province, deputy minister of labor-warinvalids-social affairs Le Quan acknowledged : to meet the requests of trainingin the new environment, the training foundations can not remain using the oldmethods lacking interaction, lacking practicality of the new models ofproduction so as to train the human forces to meet the demands of developmentand quick application of the modern technology from the industrial revolution4.0.

Therefore,the combination of schools-scientists-enterprises in training the labor forceto serve the industrial revolution 4.0 is really necessary. Previously,learners used to entirely depend on the knowledge from the teachers but nowthere needs to be the enhancement from the self-learning manner of students inparallel with enhancing the practicality from experts, from the experiences ofenterprises…Training also needs to get access to multi and inter sectors, multisectors instead of majoring like before, only by doing this way is it possibleto meet the request of the current industrial revolution 4.0.

Totake advantage of the opportunities and timely keep up with this renovation,besides training the teachers both intensively and extensively, at the moment,the colleges and universities in the province have frequently done research,surveys to master the social demands in connection with developing theprograms, renovating the methods and modes of training; there must also be theintensive-extensive cooperation between the enterprises and the universities;constructing the standards for graduates for the training sectors; training togradually shift from “what we have” into the what the society needs, attachingto the forecast of human resources, predicting the employment vacancies andrequests of the enterprises.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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