Determining to improve the competitive index
Updated : Wednesday, December 05, 2018 1:40 PM (GMT+0700)

The implementation andannouncement of competitive index at levels of department, board, sector andlocality(DDCI) in Phu Yen province proves the attitude of listening and sharingwith the enterprise community of the provincial governments in the period ofnewly developing. The research groups of Indochinasurvey has supported Phu Yen provincein implementing and assessing the results of Provincial DDCI in the year 2018.As related to this content Phu Yennewspaper interviewed Dr. Nguyen Duc Nhat, Head of the research group.

The inhabitants preparing procedures to establish enterprise at the department of

* Can you let known the purpose significance of DDCI Phu Yenas well as the determination of the provincial leaders in enhancingadministrative reforms (AR), improving the environment of investment, trade andenhancing the provincial competitiveness?

- DDCI Phu Yen 2018 supplies the investors, enterprises andthe public with information and scientific and positive analysis, and thishelps with more clearly understanding the trading environment in Phu Yen,besides PCI, the concrete actions of sharing the open and willing to listen,share by the governmental system in Phu Yen, giving the rights to theenterprise community, considering the satisfaction and sustainable developmentof the enterprises as the measurement of the province’s quality of economicmonitoring.

The provincial leaders show the drastic determination whilepublicly announcing the  results ofranking, assessing the enterprises with 17 boards, sectors and departments aswell as the entire localities of the province right from the first year ofimplementing DDCI, with the purpose of making the enterprise communities, forall concerned parties to understand the rate of progress of supervising, thequality of improving the administrative service of each unit. 

Leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincialpeople’s council, the PPC have participated right from the very firstsignificant conference, including the conference on constructing DDCI and theconference of announcing DDCI showing the attitude of getting thecompetitiveness as the impetus for reforming; acknowledging, assessing theenterprises as the measurement for changes.

During the process of implementing, Phu Yen has spared thecare and positive participation with the task groups during all of the steps ofpreparing data, constructing the questions and research tools, doing researchand gathering ideas of the enterprises. Phu Yen is one of the very firstprovinces in the country that have successfully implemented DDCI. This is theacknowledged results by the entire provincial leaders and cadres.

Right after the conference announced, PPC chairman officiallyissued documents to request the task groups and related units to conductthe activities of intensive analysis, training for the organizations and enterprisesto intensively understand DDCI. This is the systematic steps that  shows the vision and commitment of provincialleaders as well as conveying the message of drastic reforms, the responsibilitiestowards the assessment and higher demands by the enterprise communities.

* Via the survey results, how do you assess the practicalquality of monitoring at district, department and sector levels of theprovince?

- Reports on DDCI Phu Yen in the year 2018 has clearly pointedout the strengths as well as limitations of the province’s economic monitoring.The departments, boards and localities have made lots of efforts in themonitoring tasks; each unit shows attention to dealing with the knots,constructing orientations for actions and plans for implementing with practicalbreakthroughs and reforms.

Most sectors have shown improvements in the past year.however, there remains lacks of being synchronous in reforms, showing thedifferences in quality of economic monitoring; the quality and forms ofinforming, interacting with the enterprise communities,  showing the infancy and non-continuation…

Therefore, improving DDCI is like improving all of the sections in one giantengine, not only improving with sustainability but also radically changing thequality of public quality while serving individuals and organizations.

* For you, what issues need attention by Phu Yen province inthe coming time?

- Enhancing the transparency and getting access to information is the mostradical solutions in the coming time. Improving the criteria of this section ineach unit directly improves PCI at provincial level and attracting investmentinto the province and attracting investment into the province while doingscientific research and this has shown the parallel relationship betweenimproving the transparency and enhancing the individual investment.

Besides, improving the transparency index and getting accessto information is the foundation for reducing the costs for enterprises,including time and finance. The government needs to actively enhance anddiversify the information channel to the enterprise community, requesting alloffices and units to take responsibility for explaining to the enterprisecommunity.

Phu Yen needs to attach attention to measures of supportingthe enterprises in the practical way. Enterprises are the society’s utmostunits among the operating sectors, therefore, the supportive activities of theState would need to concentrate and the enterprise groups are shifting  (Scope, sector); laying the estimation of thefinancial system, helping them to issue investment decisions and efficienttrade.

The lengthy issues would require absolute solutions, thestrategic development issues would require the extensive discussions, listening,acquiring and implementing with the support of the enterprise community. 

Besides, Phu Yen would need to support the enterprise withsustainable development in the sectors of developing members and asserting theprestige within the province via the representatives of various enterprisegroups; being active in the dialogue journeys to share and mutually support theenterprises.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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