Int’l seminar promotes East Sea maritime security cooperation
Updated : Wednesday, December 05, 2018 10:52 AM (GMT+0700)

An internationalseminar promoting maritime security cooperation in the East Sea took place inHanoi on December 4, attracting 120 scholars and experts from within andoutside the region, and representatives from about 30 diplomatic corps inVietnam. 

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With the participation of foreign speakers from the UnitedNations International Law Commission, the UK, Australia, France, Japan,Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, the event heard nine presentations and20 opinions on regional and international experience in maritime demarcationand the settlement of disputes at sea, as well as legal aspects of thecollaboration among law enforcement forces at sea. 

Addressing the event, Deputy Director of the DiplomaticAcademy of Vietnam Pham Lan Dung said the recent developments in the East Seahave forced coastal countries to deploy law enforcement forces at sea, thusleading to unexpected encounters. As such, the time has come for a frankdiscussion to enhance their cooperation to mitigate unexpected encounters, sheadded. 

Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Craig Chittick saidAustralia shares the same viewpoint with ASEAN and other countries on the jointvision for the region and operation principles of international system,including the peaceful settlement of disputes in line with international law,refraining from the use of or threat to use forces, respect for navigation andaviation freedom, and protection of the rights and interests of smallercountries. 

UK Vice Ambassador to Vietnam Steph Lysaght said the seminarprovides an invaluable opportunity to strengthen understanding about maritimesecurity and the role of maritime freedom in global trade. 

Speakers highlighted the peaceful means used to settle international disputes,including the compulsory mediation measure for maritime demarcation betweenAustralia and East Timor in the Timor Sea and Malaysia’s successful settlementof territorial disputes with Indonesia and Singapore by bringing the case tothe International Court of Justice. 

Based on previous lessons, speakers offered suggestionsregarding maritime demarcation and cooperation promotion in the East Sea,especially in terms of fisheries. 

Several opinions suggested expanding the Code for UnplannedEncounters at Sea to cover law enforcement forces, holding international lawcourses for ASEAN law enforcement forces, and enhancing trilateral and multilateralcooperation frameworks.

Source: VNA 

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