Comrade Huynh Tan Viet: The prerequisite to have good students is to have good teachers
Updated : Tuesday, November 20, 2018 6:22 PM (GMT+0700)

On November 19th, Comrade Huynh Tan Viet, Commissioner of theCentral party Committee, Secretaryof the  Provincial  party committee  cum chairman  of theProvincial people’s Councilvisited the teacher of  Luong VanChanh  high school for the  gifted. Thevisit  was  on the  occasion of the  36th   anniversary of the  Vietnamese teacher's day ( November  20th , 1982. November 20th, 2018).

Comrade Huynh Tan Viet presenting flowers to congratulate the teachers of Luong Van
Chanh high school for the gifted

The  principalof Luong  Van Chanh   high school for the  gifted,  Mr. Huynh Tan Chau   provided a general  and  brief  report on the teaching  situationof   the school from the  beginning, of the  school year 2018-2019   andasserted that the  teaching  staffhave  constantly  developed thepassion in the  career,positively  improve the  knowledge andrenovate teaching methods.

SecretaryViet presented the brightly beautiful flowers and the best wishes to theschool's teachers. Simultaneously, Comrade Viet highly appreciated the effortsby the school , the teaching staff to firmly preserve the leading position inthe provincial educational  cause .Comrade  Huynh Tan Viet emphasised, theprerequisite for having good students is to have good teachers, therefore, theschool 's teachers must be united, constantly improving the knowledge, renovateteaching methods to make it compatible with the students. The school needs tocontinue attracting elite students from districts, town of the province tofurther improve the edge - sharp educational quality.

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party committee, Mr. Luong Minh Son
presenting flowers to the school boards of Pham Van Dong high school

* Onthe same day, Comrade Luong Minh Son, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Partycommittee visited and wished the best to teachers and cadres of Pham Van Donghigh school (Tay Hoa district). Teacher Chau Lot, the school's principal letknown that for the school - year, the school has 70 cadres  and teachers. Because of insufficient teachernumber, it is necessary to have more teachers from other schools.

Despitedifficult situations, the school's collective are always united, heart- felt,positively renovating the methods of teaching and learning, to well fulfil theassigned tasks. For the school year 2018- 2019, the school strives to reach thenational standard

ComradeLuong Minh Son presented  thebrightly beautiful  flowers tothe  teachers of the school , on the  anniversaryof Vietnamese  teacher’s day;  simultaneously  commending the achievements  gained bythe school ‘s teachers andstudents

Emphasising  theroles of education  and  intellectual in the  IndustrialRevolution 4.0, comrade  son hopedthat  the school ‘s teachers and  cadres wouldcontinue  stimulating  the fond – of – learning  spirit of the students,  developingthe home  land’s traditions.Further  devoting  to thecause of  education. Comrade Son  alsoproposed the  departments,  sectors wouldcreate favorable  conditions forthe school to  complete the criteria,constructing to become  the nationalstandard school, contributing  to supportTay Hoa  district to reach  the newrural area standards.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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