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Updated : Thursday, November 15, 2018 2:29 PM (GMT+0700)

In the past time, ITapplication in managing and teaching in Phu Yen province has created favorable conditionsfor the schools to enhance investment in equipment as well as more significancebeing attached to training, fostering the staff of cadres, teachers; frequentlyrenovating the teaching methods; updating solutions, new software for thelessons to be more lively, easy to understand, creating passion in learning forthe students.

One period with electronic lesson plan at Hung Vuong secondary school

Attending one math lesson for grade 6 themed “divisor and multiple”by Hung Vuong secondary school (Tuy Hoa city) with the application ofelectronic lesson plans, we were so impressed by the effervescent studyingatmosphere in the class. To motivate the students as well as helping learnersunderstand the lessons faster, Teacher Dao Minh Hau combines teaching using thetraditional methods with blackboard and white chalk, in combination with T.Vpresentation using Led 50 inch screen on the wall. Teacher Hau shared, “foralmost every subject, including Math, electronic lesson plans can be usedbecause with IT, the lessons are more interesting, hence helping students toget access to knowledge in a flexible way.

According to teacher Nguyen Xuan Son, principal of Hung Vuongsecondary school, enhancing IT application in teaching and studying, currently,10% classrooms of the school have been equipped with 50-inch Led TV screen.Besides, the school has 4 projectors and 2 Computer labs with nearly 80computers, meeting the demand ofstudying and teaching.

Teacher Son shared, “right from the beginning of the schoolyear, the school has constructed the plan of IT application into  teaching and putting the emulating criterionfor teachers and cadres. In the past school year, 50% periods have been used electroniclesson plans and IT softwares. Lots of lesson plans have been shared on thewebsite the Ministry of education and training as well as on the school websites,which helps teachers do reference, renovate teaching methods”.

According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Tho, head of the examining andeducational quality control division (department of education and training), inthe past time, in the province’s schools, software for teaching applying IThave been used in educating, teaching, the schools in the province haveintroduced the software in the periods. Annually, the educational sectororganizes training sessions using electronic lesson plans at all academiclevels to help teachers professionally use IT in making the lessons efficientand lively.

In the context of international integration and industryrevolution 4.0, Phu Yen sector of education and training determines enhancementof IT application in schools as one of the focal tasks during this school year.Accordingly, the sector concentrates on IT application in managing andteaching, doing scientific research; continue to implement the software systemsfor recruiting students at the beginning of each level, using online public services.

 Dr. Pham Van Cuong, director of Phu Yen department ofeducation and training, said, “the potentials of IT serving the activities ofeducation and training are huge. However, however modern technology is, thedecisive factor related to the IT usage depends on human beings. Therefore, inthe coming time, the educational sector will continue to consult the localleaders to care about investing in information infrastructure, database,teaching softwares; enhancing training, fostering the teacher staff; assessing,recruiting and favorably treating the teachers with achievements in ITapplication into managing and teaching”.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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