Develop the women’s roles in dealing with social issues
Updated : Sunday, November 04, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Vietnam central women’s association has justimplemented the scheme of “propagating, educating, mobilizing, supporting womento deal with some social issues related to women in the period of 2017-2027”(scheme 938) in Phu Yen province. In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper on the concerning issues, Mrs. Nguyen Thi TuyetMai, Commissioner of the chairmanship board cum Head of the Board of familiesand society of Vietnam central women’s association, let known:

Women in Krong Pa commune (Son Hoa district) to learn about the knowledge to better
bring up the offsprings, pursuant to scheme 938

- The scheme 938 has beenimplemented on the viewpoint of lacing women at the central role who are boththe objects acting, and the objects benefiting, ensuring to deal with socialissues related to women.

The scheme’s targets are todevelop the inner forces and the active roles of women in dealing with socialissues related to women and girls, making contributions to solving urgentproblems in the society. Simultaneously enhancing the efficiency of theoperations of women’s organizations at all levels, attracting furtherparticipation from the women.

* So far, how have theassociations at all levels implemented the scheme?

Vietnam centralwomen’s association has organized the training classes, media classes as wellas conferences related to the scheme, constructing the documents, film books.This time, we come to Phu Yen both to organize the conference and listen to thedirections on implementing this scheme to see if there are any difficulties,entanglements, before conducting the pre-liminary conference at the end of thisyear.

We have also held theactivities of the press, constructing documents, documents for the models,simultaneously supporting the construction of models in the localities….In PhuYen province, we have invested the project of Plan for models of parents toprovide instructions and knowledge to parents who are nurturing the teenage offspring,the skills of caring for the children to avoid mal-nutrition, hold talks withthe teenage children…

 * How do you evaluatethe implementation of this scheme in Phu Yen province?

- I have been to lots ofcities and provinces. Currently, 13 provinces and cities all over the countryhave not established the directing board for scheme 938. When it comes to PhuYen, I do highly appreciate the roles of the provincial women’s association inthe task of consulting the PPC to found the directing board of implementing thescheme 938, in which, obvious and detailed assignments have been given to themembers.

Particularly, the PPC hasdirected the expense support to the scheme with more than 100 million dongs.This source is not considerable but it is exactly the very first positivebricks to commence the year 2019. The most precious fact in Phu Yen is thateven at district levels, expenditure has also been supported.

I do see that is the success.Secondly, it is the positive involvement of the members of the directing board ,i.e the roles of the Departments of Culture-Sports-Tourism, education-trainingand health department in implementing the scheme. This does make furthercontributions to well develop the social security and welfare in Phu Yen, sodoes this help develop the activities of the association in a more intensiveand extensive manner.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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