For the peaceful fishery with sustainable development
Updated : Monday, October 08, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen province has enjoyed the 189km of coastline with many beautiful naturalbays and lagoons; coral reefs are home to a number of rare marine species,which is an advantage for developing marine economy: aquaculture, fishing,ecotourism... However, for Phu Yen to be "strong in the sea, enriched bythe sea", it’s to have many other things to do; in particular, the fightand prevention of illegal fishing activities must be maintained and furtherstrengthened.

PPC Vice Chairman, Mr. Tran Huu The awarding certificates of merit to individuals with
outstanding achievements in fighting and preventing illegal fishing and catching activities
in the sea

According to Colonel NguyenVan Minh, Commander of the Provincial Border-Guard Command, due to limitedawareness of the law, difficult economic life, immediate benefit, somefishermen have violated the provisions of law when practicing on the sea. Theuse of electric shocks, explosives and fishing gear that are banned by law inthe coastal waters of the province has still occurred, affecting and depletingfishery resources.

In order to help preventillegal fishing activities, promote the fisheries sector to developsustainably, the Provincial Border Agency has cooperated with other agenciesand departments in the province and localities to promote propaganda. One ofthe measures to be noticed is strengthening propaganda of raising awareness onlaw and the sense of protecting fisheries resources for the people and mobilizingpeople to commit not to use explosives, electric shocks and chemicals for exploitingseafood.

Since the beginning of theyear, the border posts have coordinated with the provincial departments andlocalities to organize 56 propaganda sessions for nearly 3,900 listener turnson documents related to the sea, islands and fishing activities.

Senior Lieutenant ColonelNgo Ngoc Quy, Head of the Xuan Hai Border Guard Station, let known: the objectsusing explosives, chemicals and prohibited fishing gear on the sea managed bythe unit have mainly been from other areas. Because of the wide area, the seasurface, so it’s difficult to catch red-handed and penalize. Together withintensifying patrol and control, applying professional measures in border guardwork, promptly detecting and strictly handling cases of violation, Xuan HaiBorder Guard Station has promoted propaganda and mobilization with many forms,concentrated in key locations with fishermen directly engaged in fishing. Mostrecently, the unit has mobilized more than 50 fishermen in My Quang marine village(An Chan commune) voluntarily signed the commitment not to catch seafood in adestructive manner and ready to support the Border Guard to arrest crimes ofdestroying the marine environment.

According to Major Tran QuocViet, Political Officer of Tuy Hoa Border Station, in the recent years, forvarious reasons, some means of Tuy Hoa fishermen have encroached on foreignwaters and have been arrested by their functional forces, even some cases havebeen killed. Through mobilizing activities, dozens of fishermen in Phu Dongward with offshore fishing facilities have signed commitments not to encroachon foreign sea for fishing. "The basic and sustainable solution the unit hasaimed is at propaganda to raise awareness and sense of law superiority amongfishermen, building a really safe fishery for sustainable development," MajorTran Quoc Viet emphasized.

Colonel Nguyen Van Minh,Commander of the Provincial Border Guard Command, emphasized: Fisheriesresources are not endless but increasingly exhausted by destructive fishingpractices of using explosives, chemicals, electric shocks or destructivefishing gear, Thailandtraps and other prohibited fishing gears.

Every citizen should raise theirsense of responsibility, strictly abide the regulations on fishing activities,actively participate in discovering, fighting and denouncing acts ofdestructive fishing and contributing with the Border Guard, local governmentand fisheries resource protection forces, building sustainable fishing grounds.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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