Coordinating to prevent and combat forest fire during the dry season
Updated : Wednesday, July 11, 2018 3:08 PM (GMT+0700)

Sincethe beginning of the year up to now, although there have not been any forestfire in immense areas, there have been hundreds of fire sports, concentratingin the areas of planted forests. With the currently lengthened hot weatherconditions, the risks of forest fires are at high risks. Facing this, the PPChas directed the departments, sectors and localities to actively implementsolutions, enhancing the forest fire prevention and combating.

Provincial leaders and functional authorities checking the task of forest protection in
Krong Trai particular use forest (Son Hoa district)

According to the Central centerof meteorically forecasting, the situation of hot season is occurring on theimmense areas from Thanh Hoa to Phu Yen, therefore, in lots of localities inthe province are at high risks of forest fires. Mr. Vu Cong Tam, head of DongXuan district forest protection, let known that in the past time, due to lengthyhot season, there have been some forest fire points, mainly the planted forestsapart from scheming 3 types of forests.

According to the statisticsof the provincial forestry checking bureau, from the beginning of the year upto now, in the province, there have been 232 points of forest fires, includingtwo fires at planted forests with the area of damage of nearly 3ha. Mr. le VanBe, head of the bureau, let known: with such hot weather conditions, the unithas issued urgent notices of warning the high risks of forest fires level V,the highest level and also the extremely dangerous risk. The bureau frequentlyupdates the developments of hot weather conditions, informing from the generalforestation bureau to timely inform the risks of forest fires to the unitsdirectly belonging, the forest owners, local governments, local men and unitsto actively cope with forest fires, From the beginning of the year up to now,the unit has coordinate with region IV forestry inspection branch to inspectthe protection, preventing forest fires at the localities and the forestowners. Besides, the unit has conducted the task for forest fire prevention atthe management boards of protecting forests, particular use forests in theprovince.

Song Hinh district hasaround 38,670ha of forest. In the past time, this locality attaches lots ofattention to the task of forest protection and forest fireprevention-combating. “The district has directed the localities and requestedthe forest owners to actively implement the most efficient solutions,particularly during this hot dry season, it is urgent to enhance the task of patrolling,inspecting so as to avoid cases of fire within the forests. In the event offorest fire, the locality would request the forest owners to timely report tocoordinate to cope with the fires, not letting the spread to other areas forthe sake of the minimized loss. The people’s committees of the communes, townlets would need to actively coordinate with the forest owners and appointforces to take part in forest protection and combating forest fires; enhancingthe propagation on enhancing the inhabitants’ awareness of protecting forestsand preventing-combating forest fire”, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Dan, vice chairman of thepeople’s committees of Song Hinh district, let known.

PPC Vice chairman, Mr. TranHuu The has just directed the departments, sectors and related localgovernments to enhance protecting the forests, preventing the case of illegal deforestationand implementing the task of preventing, combating forest fire. The PPC hasrequested the districts, town, city to direct the inter-sector forces toconstruct and implement the regulations of coordination in the task of forestprotection and fire extinguishing, dealing with forest fire, preparingsolutions to timely deal with forest-destroying cases, forest fires in thelocality. Simultaneously, the locality allocated and divided the roles of statemanagement on forest and agricultural land for the foundational governments,frequently urging, directing, inspecting the activities of forest protection,fire prevention, forest fire extinguishing so as to avoid the occurrence offorest fires at the hot spots of forest fire. The board of managing theprotective forests, particular use forests would also need to consolidate thespecial forces of forest protection, enhancing the discovering and strictlydealing with actions of deforestation, invading the forestry land and implementingthe task of forest protecting, fire prevention and extinguishing within theassigned areas.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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