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Updated : Friday, July 06, 2018 8:41 AM (GMT+0700)

FromJuly 5th to 9th, the Phu Yen Employment Services Centerunder the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs providesdomestic employment consultancy and labor export to students and laborers withthe tourism industry and services at the Phu Yen Tourism Festival in 2018. Phu Yen Newspaper had a talk with Mr. HoangTu Duc, Director of the Center about the issue.

Consulting and introducing jobs for laborers at a job exchange in Tuy Hoa city

* It is known that at thePhu Yen Tourism Festival in 2018, the Center hosted a consultancy and jobintroduction for students and employees. Could you tell us how this booth isorganized?

- Phu Yen Tourism Festivalin 2018 organized by Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is theprovincial tourism event, which is an opportunity for enterprises, agencies ofdomestic and foreign tourism management and promotion to introduce newattractive tourism products and services to the Phu Yen potential market with150 booths to exhibit, showcase typical products of different regions... TheCenter has registered a booth to consult and introduce jobs for students andemployees with the tourism and service industries in Phu Yen Tourism Festivalheld in Tuy Hoa City Youth Park.

Determining that this is animportant job exchange, so the Center has set up detailed plans to send jobinformation to tourism colleges and universities in neighboring provinces, suchas Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa and Lam Dong so that students can grasp the recruitmentneeds. Besides, the Center also use the service of sending text messages toworking-age people who have not yet had stable jobs so that they can getinformation on job or vocational training, which is directly consulted byenterprises at the festival.

* How many job positions arethere for the employees to choose and how is the income level in each jobposition, sir?

- The Center is in need ofrecruiting more than 2,000 laborers to work in enterprises both inside andoutside the province; and recruiting laborers to work abroad for a certainperiod of time. Currently, there have been nearly 50 job titles with multipleoccupations for employees to choose, depending on their grade. In particular,the common labor with the following sectors: electronic component assembly,textile, sewing, shoe production, seafood processing, domestic help; skilledworkers (trained) such as: tourist guides, interpreters, receptionists,cashiers, mechanical engineers, civil electricity; worker-export to the marketsin Japan, Romania, Taiwan and Malaysia to work as product packaging workers,food processors, scaffold assembly, carpenters... Most of these recruiters arecarefully selected by the Center so the regimes for the employees is very well.

At present, the income levelfor local labor is from VND 3 million to VND 8 million per month and from VND 7million to VND 35 million per month for foreign workers. Employees aresupported for free of charge accommodation, car allowances, airfare to theworkplace and ensure the best working environment for them to stick to longterm work.

* For the employees to betimely informed and have a stable job, in the coming time, what solutions has theCenter had, sir?

- In order to createfavorable conditions for the employees in the job search, the Center has usedthe job search support link, including posting regular recruitment informationon the employment website of the Center:; organizingonline consulting with businesses... Through which help employees have anoverview to make the decision to choose the right job. To restrain the unbalanceof the need for employment and labor market, the Center regularly organizesjob-sharing sessions on districts.

It is hoped that with thiskind of preparation work, the employment consultancy booth will be the bridgebetween the employees and the enterprises, actively support the employees tofind suitable jobs soon.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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