Ensure labor hygiene safety at the industrial zones
Updated : Friday, May 25, 2018 12:54 PM (GMT+0700)

Themonth of action on labor hygiene safety (LHS), the second time, year 2018occurs from May 1st to May 30th with the theme “Beingactive in preventing and controlling the risk factors, adverse factors at theworking places to limit labor accidents, occupational diseases”. To protect thelife and property of the people in producing at industrial zones-IZ all overthe province, representatives of the units and enterprises and laborers haveraised lots of ideas related to this theme.

The needs to prevent, control labor hygiene and safety for workers at industrial
zones. Photo.: Workers processing seafood at Hoa Hiep Industrial Zone

DEPUTY HEAD OF THE MANAGING BOARD OF PHU YEN INDUSTRIAL ZONE, MR.NGUYEN HOANG PHUC: Enterprises, labor users need to be fully aware of their responsibilities

The LHS task at theindustrial zones in the past time has show positive shifts. The enterpriseshave cared about improving the conditions at the working places with suchactivities as : reforming firms, constructing the anti-heat system,noise-prevention, pumping toxic dust and air, vacuuming, shining, providingmeans of personal protection, fostering those who suffer from toxic chemicals,providing periodical health check-up, and constructing the network of studentsgradually being consolidated and developed. In parallel with that, theenterprises have mobilized the workers to plant more green trees, constructbonsai gardens, create the ecological environment within the factory…

To efficiently implement theLHS month- the second time in the year 2018 at the IZs, the management board ofthe trade unions at the IZs has been organizing numerous practical actions;appealing to all people, first and foremost, the laborers themselves have to befully aware of their rights and obligations, the enterprises and Laborer usershave to be fully aware of their rights and obligations under the legitimatestipulations; requesting the laborer users, workers to respect and strictlyobserve the law stipulations on LHS, implementing the rights of the laborers…

MANAGING DIRECTOR OF HARRY&NGUYEN MANH TUONG COMPANY LTD.: Ensuringthe safety in all producing operation

It is not only until theAction Month on LHS that the unit has mobilized the task but it is true thatthis has been conducted on a regular basis. Before beginning work, the companyalways spares 15 minutes to report on the progress of manufacturing andreminding the laborers of observing the working discipline and preserving thesafety for themselves.

The unit always paysattention to improving working conditions for workers at the firms;constructing and implementing training on LHS to ensure the safety in everyproducing operation; organizing to propagate, train, disseminate law andknowledge on the task of preventing explosion and fire for the workers;organize for the divisions, cadres and workers to sign in the commitment on LHSand consider this as one of the most significant criteria on assessing, judgingand commending-awarding at the year end.

Annually, the Company sparesa considerable amount of investment into fully equipping the labor protectiveequipment for workers, the request of using labor protective equipment has beenfrequently reminded and put into the working regulations for the laborers tostrictly observe. 


To ensure LHS in producing,the trade union has actively coordinated with enterprises’ owners to constructthe  safe working environment, minimizingthe toxic factors affecting the workers’ health. With the criterion of  ensuring health to work more efficiently, atthe moment, the firms have been arranged sparsely, openly and safely. Duringthe lengthy hot periods, to create the comfortable working environment for thelaborers and prevent fire-explosion, the trade unions and technical divisionsalways check the entire electricity system, cleaning up the material warehouseswhich are combustible and inflammable; fully equip the protective equipment forworkers, conduct rehearsals of preventing fire under assuming situations closeto the reality.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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